How to Increase Online Traffic & Generate Free MLM Leads

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I would like to share with you my number one tip for increasing your website traffic and creating a stream of enquiries from people who are interested in your products and/or business.

The amount of web traffic you receive determines how successful your online marketing activities will be. Build it and they will come does not apply to internet marketing. You could have the best web presence in the world but if the right people aren’t finding it, you’re not going to sell any product!

The solution to this problem is getting inside your potential customers head. By “customer” I mean someone who will be interested in buying your products, or joining your team.

If you can target people at the precise moment they have the need for your product, service, or business opportunity – you can have a far greater chance of making the sale, and today the highest traffic websites where people tend to research prior to buying a product or investing in an opportunity are Google, and YouTube.

Think back to a time when you used Google or YouTube to research a product prior to buying it. Chances are it happened quite recently. If you are in the minority of people who don’t shop this way, just ask your friends if they do. You will find most people now use the internet to search for information before making a purchase.

As an internet network marketer it is your job to make sure that people find your information. So the first thing you need to know are the keywords and phrases that customers use to find information.

Think back to before you joined your company and learned all the inside-lingo. You might have searched for the company name, product names, or things about making an extra income from home, legitimate business opportunities, etc.

Once you have written a list of potential things people search for, you can check the search volume (ie. number of people searching per month) by putting them into the Google Keyword Planner. That way you know which phrases to target that have a decent number of searches each month, and it can also give you suggestions on other keywords and phrases that you might not have thought of (Google is clever like that!).

lightbulbNext, you should create some compelling content. Say for sample you are targeting reviews of one of your products – think about the content that you would like to see if you put yourself in the position of yourself before you joined your company. What would you have liked to have seen, and what would make you want to join the company with that person?

The best type of content by far is YouTube videos. I’ve proven this to myself time and time again. Whenever I make a YouTube video, I immediately see an increase in newsletter opt-ins.

Video is very powerful, since people watching your videos will get to know you, and this is excellent for creating rapport with people on complete auto-pilot. Make your video once and it will sell to people time and time again!

Of course your video title, and description should have your keyword in it, and YouTube also gives you the option to add tags to your video for further targeting of related key phrases on the desktop version.

You don’t need to be Steven Spielberg to produce YouTube video content. In the beginning quantity trumps quality. Sure you can have a snazzy title made for your videos on, but it isn’t necessary. If you look at my YouTube videos you will see I don’t currently add any titles to my videos, and they bring in a lot of leads and sales!

You can also put a clickable http:// link in your YouTube video. I highly recommend this, and put a nice strong call to action in the description – and the video itself.

Be sure to ask people to give your video a thumbs up, comment in the reply section, and subscribe to your channel – but don’t worry if you forget.

Focus on uploading keyword targeted videos to YouTube regularly addressing your customers questions – one or two a day if you can, and you will never run short of leads!

Learn more about finding the best keywords to generate an endless stream of MLM leads, and discover the best ways to get your videos to rank highly on YouTube and in Google, click here for my free daily marketing tips newsletter.


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