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Hi, I’m James Winsoar. Welcome to my official blog.

I’ve been marketing online since 1999.

You can find out more about my background by reading my About Me page, but for now I would like to focus on how I can help you.

working from home in underwearIf you work from home, or you run a small business, sometimes it can be lonely, and it can be very confusing with all the different marketing ideas that people are trying to sell you all of the time.

Many people do more than one business these days, and then there are all the different social networks, there’s Youtube, your blog, podcasts, advertising..

The internet marketing world is, let’s face it, a complete nightmare for anyone who wants to make a living working from home, or in a small business. But, if you get it right, it really works!

The internet can be an excellent source of new enquiries for your business every day, which you can then convert into sales.

internet marketingMy aim is to condense what works into simple actionable steps that anyone can follow, regardless of what business they are working in.

A bit like connect-the-dots.

I’m not going to bombard you with loads of different things that will send you in all directions!

Instead, what I do is I try things myself to see if they work, and if they do work, I share them with you.

We all need a mentor when it comes to doing business online.

I’m lucky enough to have found some excellent mentors that I follow, and in the 15 years that I’ve been marketing online I’ve found out much of what works, a lot of what doesn’t.

It has been a very up and down journey, with some amazing highs, and some not so amazing lows. I want to smooth out the journey now for as many people as possible.

minefieldSo, it’s my aim to guide you around all the minefields and pitfalls of online marketing, whether you are new to the world of internet marketing, or you are a seasoned pro. I’m certain I’m going to be able to share with you some tips that will boost your profits, and reduce the amount of time you’re spending online.

Why would you want to spend less time working?

Let’s face it, we aren’t in business because we want to be sat in front of a computer all day.

There are other things that we ought to be focusing on, like relationships with our families and people that we love and care about.

working late at nightMy long term relationship of 12 years ended, partly because I was chasing my tail trying to make money online, being distracted by one shiny object after another, working late into the nights, and into the weekends.

When that relationship ended, I vowed that I would focus all my efforts on what actually works, and stop being distracted by what the next guru is telling me I should be doing just because they want to make a quick buck out of me.

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Here’s to your success in business!


Best regards,

James Winsoar
Internet Marketer
Marketing online since 1999.

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