Visalus Shape Mix Ingredients

Want to know the Visalus Shape Mix ingredients? So did I, before I started the Project 10 Challenge in April 2013. It is important to me to know what is going in my body, so I decided to research all of the Visalus shape mix ingredients for myself.

Here are the ingredients in Visalus shape mix, and my findings about each of the ingredients, starting with the first one: Continue reading Visalus Shape Mix Ingredients

How To Promote Your Blog

I got asked a great question from one of my Facebook friends Andy Sayles the other day. He asked, “I’m writing a blog at the moment, any ideas how to get it around other than Facebook?”

WordPress blogs are very well optimised. Google love them, and they do indeed have built-in promotional features to help new posts be discovered by the search engines.

Here are some things you can do to ensure that your posts reach the maximum possible audience: Continue reading How To Promote Your Blog

High Protein Oatmeal and Raisin Cookie Recipe

Sometimes you just want a sweet snack, but rather than reaching for high-sugar, high-fat shop bought cookies, make your own using healthy ingredients instead.

This cookie recipe is high in quality protein, contains good fats (coconut oil which has many health benefits), and tastes absolutely delicious too. They are also very quick and simple to make. Continue reading High Protein Oatmeal and Raisin Cookie Recipe

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