How to get Facebook page likes from your WordPress blog

Facebook Lightbox Premium is a wordpress plugin that displays a lightbox when people visit your webpage, that looks similar to a popup window, but isn’t blocked by popup blockers.

This plugin enables you to get more Facebook fan page likes from visitors to your website. If you have a high traffic blog, this will enable you to grow your Facebook fans significantly. Continue reading

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Body Weight Exercises for Beginners

If you don’t have access to a local gym, and you don’t have any weights – this complete body weight exercises for beginners video will help to give you the basis of how to burn fat, and build muscle at home.

Trailer for No Gym? No Problem! By James Winsoar.

Simply start by doing 10 to 20 minutes of cardio exercise, such as running, rowing, brisk walking, burpees, mountain climbers, or jumping jacks – and then launch straight into the body weight exercises outlined in this video. Continue reading