WooCommerce Product Sorting Optimization Extension

“Have You Ever Wondered How To Automatically¬†
Increase Sales On Your WooCommerce Store?”

Dear WooCommerce Store Owner,

Both eBay, and Amazon have algorithms that optimize the sorting or order of their products within each category, and within search result pages to show products that are most likely to sell first. They know that if they show their top selling products at the top of the screen they are more likely to sell to the visitor on that page, and their revenues are increased.

WooCommerce only comes with rudimentary product sorting options. The “Order by Popularity” option shows the products that have sold the most units first, but they aren’t necessarily going to be highest converting products. You might have sold more of one product in the past, but that doesn’t mean that you are going to keep on selling it today. You might have added a newer version of that product more recently which has a far higher conversion rate. So order by popularity on WooCommerce quite frankly sucks.

You can also sort your products on WooCommerce by newest first which is great, but again people aren’t necessarily going to see the best selling products immediately that way. You might add a lot of new products to your site and test which sell best, so a visitor landing on your site for the first time isn’t necessarily going to be tempted to buy by seeing just your newest products.

The only solution up until now has been to manually sort your products one by one, but that is very time consuming, and requires constant monitoring of your sales metrics to figure out which products to put to the top of your list, and which products to move down. Anyone who has tried to do that will know it’s an absolute nightmare trying to keep up!

I am very pleased to announce that after months of development we have developed the WooCommerce Product Sorting Optimization extension. This neat extension will automatically put your best selling products first on your homepage, in any product category, and in search results – replacing the built-in “Popularity” order by menu option with either eBay or Amazon style product sorting to increase your sales, without slowing down your WooCommerce website at all.

Now you can choose eBay, or Amazon-style
product sorting optimization!

Using this unique new extension for WooCommerce, you can choose either eBay, or Amazon style product sorting optimization. The difference is quite simple.

  • With the eBay style the order of your products is calculated using a conversion rate score, so the highest converting products are listed first. If a product starts getting lots of views and little sales, it will gradually move down the list making way for better converting products at the top of the page.
  • With Amazon style optimization, the latest product to be sold is the one listed first, and every time you sell a product the order of your products changes like shuffling a deck of cards whereby recent sellers constantly come to the top where visitors will see them first.

Both styles of optimization mean that your visitors always see a fresh selection of products every time they visit your store, so your online shop never seems stale and out of date.

As well as being great for your customers this is a huge advantage to search engines too, since every time a customer makes a purchase that effects the content of your site, keeping your ecommerce website fresh and up to date automatically – even if you haven’t added any products in a while.

Both eBay, and Amazon have invested many millions of dollars for the optimization algorithms on their websites because they know that the order that products are displayed has a huge effect on sales, but the good news is that to optimize your site won’t cost millions, it will not even cost thousands or even hundreds of dollars.

Right now you can download the WooCommerce Product Sorting Optimization extension for just $39.99 (lifetime updates).

Why so low? As this is a brand new WooCommerce Extension, we want you to try it out on your site and give us feedback about how it improves your store’s conversion rates in the form of a written or video testimonial. You can be sure that the price will rise, so hurry, click the link below to download instantly now. It’s simple to install in just two clicks, and takes only seconds to set up. Your sales can be increased literally within minutes from now!

I’m so sure it will help to boost your sales that I’m offering an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee if you are not entirely satisfied. Just show me your conversion rate before, and after installing and if it hasn’t increased I will refund your money in full. No questions asked!

You have nothing to lose and many sales to gain
so click the button to order now!