Why you should choose your friends wisely..

Who are your five closest friends?

Are they the same friends you have three or four years ago?

Jim Rohn, the great personal development speaker, said that we become the average of the five people we are closet to.

If you surround yourself with abundance minded people you will experience more abundance, because your subconscious mind will be stimulated by their positive beliefs and abundance mentality.

If all you’re hearing is how bad the economy is, how someone is saddled with debts, or how they never find time to get to the gym, you’ll start picking up on their beliefs.

Choose to surround yourself by people who have high standards, optimistic goals about their financial success, life experiences, and health.

Make the decision today to associate yourself more with people who want to better themselves.

Also reinforce your positive thoughts by listening to personal development audio CDs whilst driving (Audible.com is a great source for personal development downloadables). I find that they are much more interesting than listening to the radio, and as Bob Proctor says, your car can become a “university on wheels”.

Try programming your subconscious mind with abundance suggestions and let me know what a difference it makes by using the reply form below.

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