Why Subscription Boxes Are A Growing Business Model Today

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Interest in subscription boxes is growing exponentially worldwide. This growing phenomenon involves signing up for a monthly subscription where you receive a random box each month delivered to you by courier containing a mystery selection of products that match your interests.

The first company of this type was Birchbox who offer a beauty box subscription. Subscribers pay a certain amount, and the idea is that they receive a box full of makeup and cosmetics etc. Other companies offer subscription boxes containing clothing, snacks, candy, health food, cheese, gardening, or DIY products. There is even a Harry Potter subscription box!

Customers like the value, and convenience of a mystery box. Companies can negotiate deals with manufacturers who want to launch new products and offer their members discounted product, in the hope that some people will like the products so much they will want to order more later.

Subscription boxes satisfy our curiosity.

Everyone likes a pleasant surprise! Having a random box delivered each month is like Christmas coming round each month, and it’s even more rewarding when you’re receiving something nice that appeals to your interests.

Successful subscription box businesses deliver not just the products but delight to their customers on a monthly basis. Most of their customers would buy these products on a monthly basis anyway, but having them curated and delivered makes a monthly shopping task into something that is fun, and becomes something to look forward to.

One of the best new services in my opinion is Liv Mysteriously available exclusively to Liv VIP members who receive a brand new product launch each month. It could be a new technology product, nutritional supplement such as a new Nootropic brain supplement, or something else super cool – such as a case of 24 cans of a new organic energy drink that was sent out recently.

Each time it’s something that an inventor has been working on for a while, and who needs help getting it out to an audience of early adopters who are interested in having fun, trying new things, and living a luxury lifestyle.

Liv VIP members pay $149 a month which includes the Liv Mysteriously subscription box, and bank $100 a month in Liv Credits which can be used towards future purchases in the Liv Marketplace of products, or towards Liv List curated luxury experiences.

Memership also gives access to a whole host of Liv member privileges too such as Liv Local savings on local businesses, Liv Travel offering discounted travel, flights, car rentals, and hotels, and Liv Assistant – a personal concierge service on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Best of all, Liv members can get all of that AT ZERO COST just by referring three other people. This makes it the best subscription box currently on the market in the United States and Canada in my opinion.

Click here to learn more about Liv and elevate your level of living today.


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