Why I Closed Down My Social Media Accounts

Like many of you, I’ve been thinking about leaving social media lately, and have definitely been using it a lot less. It all started when the apps started getting laggy on my mobile, and I started noticed that they were also running slow on my laptop. It seems that social media sites are getting too busy to serve people content quickly now, and I’ve not got the patience to wait for it.

You’ve probably heard that the people who invented social media sites and their families don’t even use social media theirselves. Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t even run his own facebook account. He’s got a team of 12 people doing it for him to keep up the illusion of him being active on there.

I saw a tweet the other day by Jenny Campbell, one of the investors on Dragon’s Den and she was saying how she doesn’t use LinkedIn anymore because it’s just another thing to click on to waste time. I totally agree with her.

Speaking to people I know that the majority of people are not getting a good return on their time spent on social media sites, and whilst you may see people on YouTube claiming they are making millions of dollars a month with Facebook Ads, that is very much the exception and not the rule.

I’ve spent over a thousand pounds on Facebook and got very little return for it, whereas I can spend much less on search advertising and get a great return. Social media advertising sucks because people on social media are not the mood for buying products and services, that happens on Google and other search engines when people search for those solutions.

So over the coming days, you will notice that I’m deleting my social media profiles, and pointing people exclusively to this site from now on.

If I had spent as much time on this blog as I’ve spent updating people on Facebook I would have a kick-ass blog by now, with loads of interesting content that I own.

Think about it. You don’t OWN your social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, or Google own them. They own everything you post on them. Every thought, every image, every video is making money for THEM and not YOU.

Post to social media and you are building their business. Build your own blog and you will be building YOUR business. It’s like the difference between working for someone, and being your own boss.

When you have your own website you can post whatever content you wish, without the risk of anyone reporting it, or having it removed by social media censors. No more getting ads disapproved, or posts flagged for inappropriate content!

I’m going to share loads of tips with you over the coming days and weeks about how you can set up your own website, and attract the people who are interested in what you have to share with them, without any distractions, annoying ads, or competing content!

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  1. I will be doing exactly the same and leaving social media, look forward to your updates on your website..p.s. Happy Birthday!!!

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