Two Ways To Make Money By Giving Away Bonuses

In my last blog post, I looked at creating your own bonus products to stand out from other online marketers who are promoting the same offer, especially for affiliate products.

Now, what you may not have realised is there are actually two main ways to monetize your bonus products that you have just given away.

This is all about my general strategy of creating multiple streams of online income.

  1. You can put affiliate links to other products in the bonus PDF.
  2. You can put an upsell offer on the download page.

Let’s look at these two methods in a bit more detail.

Embedding affiliate links inside your bonus product

As you write the product using Word, or OpenOffice Writer, you can embed hyperlinks to other affiliate products that the reader may find useful.

You can find loads of products to promote that you can earn commission from on networks such as ClickBank and JV Zoo.

I would always recommend that you try the product yourself first before promoting it to ensure that it is worth recommending.

Having an up-sell offer on the download page

Once people have decided to buy your main product, and download the free bonus that you are giving away as an incentive for them to purchase from you, there is a chance for another up-sell.

This could be a small value of $27 for additional tutorial videos, or downloads of a sales graphic package, or it could be a higher value item such as a $297 video training course.

Whatever up-sell you offer, it should compliment the main bonus, and be relevant to the main product that the buyer purchased.

By using these two tactics you will increase the average value of each customer who buys from you.



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