The Secret To Keeping Viewer Attention On Periscope

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So the story goes, Steve Jobs strolls into the employee break room one day in 1994 and starts making himself a bagel.

The staff chew warily.

Suddenly, Jobs addresses everybody: “Who is the most powerful person in the world?”


A few names are proposed. Bill Clinton? Nelson Mandela?

Then, Jobs erupts: “NO! You are ALL wrong. The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come and Disney has a monopoly on the storyteller business.”

He continues: “You know what? I am tired of that b******t, I am going to be the next storyteller!”

And out he walks with his bagel.

This is a lovely scene that really engages an audience which I found in the Kindle book “Hooked On You” by Ian Harris.

You could use storytelling in Periscope to get your viewers hooked on your broadcast, thereby increasing viewer retention rate, increasing the average viewing time per broadcast, and decreasing viewer attrition.

By keeping your viewers hooked on your content by starting with a strong story, you will increase your conversion rate when it comes to your call to action. As the old saying goes, facts tell and stories sell.

In this case, the fact that Steve Jobs held it in such regard helps people to recognise its importance.

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