How to Attract Targeted Twitter Followers (Fast & Free Method)

Twitter FollowersTargeted Twitter Followers are people who are likely to be interested in your products or services. The good news is that once you have created your Twitter account it’s a relatively simple process to start attracting targeted followers who will be interested in what you have to say, who you can start building relationships with online, and who ultimately will take a desired action such as clicking through to your website or signing up for your email newsletter.

Set up an attractive Twitter profile

Your Twitter profile is the first thing people will look at when you start to follow them, or they read one of your tweets of interest. Make sure you have a good profile picture, this can be a photograph of yourself (dressed in business attire – head & shoulder shots tend to work best), or it can be your business logo if you are making a corporate Twitter account. The choice is yours and both work equally well. Fill out all the information in the profile including a description of yourself or your business, and remember you can change the design of your Twitter profile to match your corporate branding.

Understand the importance of high quality Tweets

People buy from people, and they don’t like to be sold to. However people love to buy things when they think it’s their decision. The trick to getting this right online, especially on Twitter, is to post great content that your prospective customers will find useful. So look out for industry sources, non-competative information sites that you can share on Twitter, even links to great YouTube videos or photographs. If people visit your profile and see that you are sharing great content they will be much more likely to follow you.

Obey the Twitter “law of thirds”

It is recommended that you tweet one third conversations with people – replying to their tweets, one third re-tweeting useful posts that others have made (this is great for strengthening relationships with your followers), and one third local news – including of course the occasional tweet about things that you or your company are doing. Obey this law and your followers will not mind the occasional plug for your own products or services because the useful content that you have shared far outweighs any commercial content.

Follow your competitors Twitter followers

This is a great trick for attracting highly targeted Twitter followers and it’s really simple to do. Use the search facility at the top of the Twitter page to search for one of your biggest competitors, then click the “Followers” link to see who is following them. Next just go down the list following their followers. The point of this is that some of them will follow you back. If they are using a service such as SocialOomph they may auto-follow you back. Others will see that you have followed them, and check out your profile before deciding whether to follow you back or not. Keep posting great content because people will be checking out your profile and weighing up whether or not they wish to keep in touch with you.

When to tweet for maximum effect

To begin with I’d recommend you send a tweet in the morning, at lunch, and at the end of the day. However, once you have a good number of Twitter followers you can use a free tool called Tweriod to analyse the times that your Twitter followers are most active. This gives you a great idea about when most of your Twitter followers will be online and potentially will read your Tweets live. If you tweet when people are not online, by the time they come online your tweet has probably scrolled off their timeline and the only way they will be able to find it is by searching for keywords (or #hashtags), or if they have added your account to a Twitter list.

What are hashtags on Twitter?

Hashtags are a way of showing that a word in your tweet is particularly important, and it is done by placing a # before a word (without a space). So for example if I was tweeting about targeted twitter followers I could write those words like “#targeted #twitter #followers” in the tweet. Each one of those words would become hyperlinks and by clicking any of those words twitterers can see other tweets containing those hashtags. There are many websites that monitor hashtags in tweets and republish them, so including relevant hashtags in your tweets can increase the visibility of your tweets to the known twitterverse!

How to use Twitter follower lists

Under profile, click Lists, and create a new list. You can then add specific people to lists. For example you can have a list of your clients, or suppliers, or your referral partners. You can also have a list for friends and family. This way when you view the list you will see all the recent tweets from the members of that list, and peoples tweets are not lost amongst the thousands of tweets from other people you are following. This is a great way to keep in touch and communicating with your more important followers.

Be sure to follow your followers

If people follow you, but you don’t follow them back, they may presume that you are not interested in them. So it is very important to go through your list of followers and follow them all back. I’d recommend you do this once a week. To save time I recommend you use Socialoomph which will automatically follow your new followers for you, and optionally send them an automated welcome message by Twitter direct messaging (DM).

What to do when you reach a Twitter following limit

Twitter has following limits designed so that you cannot mass follow too many people at once. When you reach your Twitter following limit, simply wait a few days, then unfollow anyone who hasn’t followed you back. This can be a very time consuming process so I recommend that you use a website like ManageFlitter to automatically find out who you are following who has not followed you back. These are called “unmutual” followers. Let’s face it, no matter how interesting your tweets are some people will never follow you back. It’s better to unfollow them, then you can follow other people who may follow you back. This is how to grow your following to 10,000+.

Rinse and repeat

Congratulations you are now building your targeted Twitter followers. Keep tweeting useful content, retweeting other people’s useful content, sharing local news, and conversing with your Twitter followers. Repeat the following process by following the followers of other competitors, or use the keyword search function to find twitterers who are tweeting about topics related to your industry – and follow them! The possibilities are endless.

Have fun with it, and remember that successful Internet marketing is about building and strengthening relationships prior to people taking action. Never attempt to hard-sell to anyone online. The key to getting Twitter marketing right is “polite dinner party conversation”. Follow the tips in this blog post and you will certainly see your followers increase and start to see enquiries and opportunities coming in.

If you have any more tips about increasing the number of targeted Twitter followers please comment with them below.

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