Stop multitasking!

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There is a simple secret to getting things done – focusing on one thing at a time.

There is absolutely nothing complicated about this fact.

One task.

One project.

One product.

One system.

One thing at a time.

Many people think that multitasking is a more efficient way of getting things done, but in fact it could not be further from the truth.

Admittedly, multitasking does mean working on many tasks at once, but your focus is diluted. Everything takes longer, and unfortunately it can lead to worse outcomes for each task.

Think of it like a magnifying glass concentrating the suns rays to start a fire. When you concentrate your attention on one task at a time you get things done more quickly.

And before anyone says anything about women being able to multi-task better than men, this applies equally to men and women! Try it and see if you get your tasks completed quicker.


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