Stop Making Excuses! Start Living Your Dreams!

We can all become entrepreneurs. 16 years ago I built up my part time income to such a point that it was more than my full time income, and I decided to fire my boss.

The number one excuse that people give for not making money from home and living their dreams, instead of building someone else’s dreams is not having enough time.

We each have 24 hours a day. We all spend a certain amount of time sleeping (usually between 5 and 8 hours), we go to work for a similar number of hours a day, we spend a few hours a day in leisure time (on average 24 hours a week are spent watching television a week!), and we have to eat, drink, cook, clean, wash, shop, and care for other people, etc.

Watch this video to figure out where you can find time, then join my free newsletter for daily tips and tricks to make an extra income from home in your spare time!

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James Winsoar has been marketing online since 1999 when he launched what was then the world's first commercial mobile phone ringtone company. He has since created several internet marketing software programs and courses. He now teaches people how to make more money in less time by leveraging the power of the Internet.

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