Six Simple Ideas For Marketing Your Personal Training Business

For the past five years I’ve been using my background in internet marketing to promote health and fitness, including building a fitness community of more than 900 members in my home town.

As well as building a thriving group workout business, I’ve also become one of the top sellers of the nutrition products that I promote. For two years running now I’ve been number one for new customers worldwide, amongst tens of thousands of promoters.

So, if you are looking to fill your diary, here are my top six ways to get more clients for your personal training business:

  1. Write Blog Posts
    Write helpful tips and share ideas that will benefit your clients, and potential clients. For example, if you’ve just helped a client with a particular issue, and you think other people might also appreciate the info – write a blog post about it. This helps to establish yourself as an expert, encourages clients to share your website, and also helps search engine optimization because having a regularly updated website will help your entire website rank higher in Google, and other search engines. This means that when potential clients search for a personal trainer in (your town), your site will be clicked by more people.
  2. Network with Local Businesses
    Think outside the box, and contact local business owners and see if they will refer clients to you – for example, call your local real estate agents and ask if they would like some $250 vouchers that they can give to people moving into the area to redeem for personal training sessions with you. You can also contact local Doctors surgeries, and see if you can get any referrals from them. Get to know all your local businesses well – including local coffee shops, if you make friends with the owner they will be more likely to let you leave a pile of your business cards when you ask.
  3. Ask for Referrals
    Tell your clients that you have a few gaps in your diary that you would like to fill, and ask if they know anyone else who would like help with their training. If you don’t ask, you don’t get. I’d recommend that you make a point to ask clients on a monthly basis, especially ask any new clients early on. As a special offer, you might want to give a card that your clients can pass on to their friends for a free complimentary session. Remember to write an expiry date on the card, which you should get professionally printed.
  4. Facebook Page
    Your clients are on Facebook more predominately than any other social network, so it makes sense to concentrate some of your marketing effort on Facebook. Why not start by posting a tip of the day? Add at the end of each tip that people can message you if they have any health or fitness questions. Also, be sure to celebrate client achievements publicly on your Facebook page (you can also share posts to your own personal profile).
  5. Facebook Ads
    If you like to work with men, or women, or young people, or older people – Facebook makes it possible. If you want to work with doctors, teachers, mums, or sports people – you can target them too using Facebook ads. Facebook ads let you get the attention of your target market, and by providing them with value in the form of how to videos, tips, etc. you can build up credibility, and get email opt-ins from those who engage with your content by offering them a free session, meal plan, or workout guide, etc.
  6. Facebook Ads Remarketing
    Worth mentioning by itself, when people visit your website you can then advertise to them when they are on Facebook, which helps them to keep you at the top of their mind. These people will be closest to making a buying decision, so you could help them over the line by offering them a special offer, for example discounted training when they order a certain number of sessions.

For more marketing tips especially aimed at personal trainers and fitness professionals, like my new Facebook page.

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