Sex vs. Exercise – Which burns most calories?

Have you ever wondered if sex is better exercise than running, and indeed can sex replace exercise?

I’ve seen rumours going around the internet that sex is the best exercise, so I decided to do some research into how many calories are burned by having sex, and running.

  • Kissing – burns 54 calories per half hour
  • Massaging – 173 calories per half hour
  • Intercourse – 259 calories in 45 minutes
  • Giving oral sex – 100 calories per half hour
  • Masturbation – 100 calories per hour

half a donutAs a rough guide 15 minutes kissing, 15 minutes oral sex, and 30 minutes sex equals approximately 249 calories, that is sadly equivalent to just half a doughnut.

Let’s compare this with some common exercises to find out which is indeed most effective:

  • Yoga – 227 calories in one hour
  • Weight lifting – 281 calories in one hour
  • Pilates (beginner) – 302 calories in one hour
  • Walking at 4 miles per hour – 421 calories in one hour
  • Stair step machine – 572 calories in one hour
  • Cross fit/circuit training – 691 calories in one hour

The exact number of kcal spent will depend on age, gender, height, and weight.

So, I’m sorry to say that whilst sex is a great activity that indeed does use calories, in itself it does not burn a very significant number of calories.

However, the good news is that a decent session with your significant other is equivalent to doing an hour in the gym.

My advice is to have a healthy sex life, in ADDITION to plenty of exercise, and healthy eating.

If I can be of any assistance with meal plans, healthy snacks and meal replacement products, or exercise tips – please let me know.

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