Review of TweetsBot Software for Twitter Marketing

Update: 13th July 2014 – the software has stopped working and I am receiving no response from the software developer.

Update: 6th Feb 2015 – the software has gone from ClickBank. If you know any similar software that works, please let me know using the comments box below.

TweetsBot is a program with two main purposes, getting you more followers, and automating your marketing. These are the main functions of the software explained:

Follow Tools

  • Words Search
    Follow people on twitter when they mention certain words or use certain hashtags that you define. So for example you could follow people who mention interests, brand names, or keywords related to your business.
  • Places Search
    Follow people who are within a certain number of miles or kilometers of a town or city. This is useful for following people who are based close to your business, or to another venue that you are going to hold an event at for example. Great for announcing a business networking event to people in the local area.
  • BIO Search
    Follow people based on keywords appearing in their twitter bio. Usually this is where people would mention their hobbies and interests, or the company they work for.
  • Target by Occupation
    I’m not sure about this feature because as far as I know twitter does not ask for your occupation when setting up your profile. I’m not sure how the software follows people based on their occupations. If you know, please reply in the comments below.
  • Follow Based User
    This will automatically follow all the followers of a certain person, brand, or company. Useful for following all the followers of your competitors on an automated basis.
  • Follow Back
    This will allow you to automatically follow people who have followed you.

Unfollow Tools

  • Not Following Back
    After a while if people don’t follow you back when you follow them using the above tools, you can use this to unfollow those people, known as “unmutuals”. 

  • Unfollower Users
    A batch unfollow tool if you want to reduce the number of people you are following. This is useful to maintain a good ratio of following:followers.

Tweet Tools

  • Simple Tweet
    This allows you to send a tweet from the software, without logging into Twitter in your web browser.
  • Auto Tweets
    This will send out tweets at random from a list of tweets you enter. This is useful for keeping your account active. You can write a series of tweets, then have them tweeted over time. This makes your account more active, so that it appears in people’s status feeds more often.
  • Reply Blaster
    Give the software some keywords, and it will automatically reply with a tweet from a list that you enter. So you can automatically reply to people who are asking questions related to your products. I experimented sending replies to people who mention “visitors” and “BNI”, replying with a tweet recommending the Email Marketing Robot. As long as it is set not to do this too regularly, it is a very effective feature. Not to be over-used!
  • RSS Blaster
    Great for posting news related to your industry. Just search on Google News, grab the RSS feed address, and paste the URL into TweetsBot. It will then start posting useful updates to your followers at the speed you choose. I set it to one post between every 1 and 60 minutes. This is a great feature for keeping your profile appearing regularly in the search results for keywords relating to your business
  • Clickbank Blaster
    Useful for promoting clickbank products. Enter a keyword and your Clickbank user ID. TweetsBot will automatically search for clickbank products and tweet them with your affiliate link at time periods that you specify. Again, a feature not to be over-used to avoid spamming.

DM Tools

  • Direct Message
    Send a direct message to your followers in batches. There is a Twitter limit of sending 250 direct messages per day. I would not recommend abusing this feature.

In summary, I am very pleased with TweetsBot. I see great potential in using this software for targeting local users around a venue where an event is taking place, and following people based on keywords that they mention.

The features that involve tweeting should not be abused! Make sure that you set the software up carefully, and monitor your Twitter messages posted to make sure that they are not appearing spammy.

If you use this software right I’m sure you will get great results.

Let me know how you get on in the comments area below!


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