Periscope FAQ for Newbies

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The following Frequently Asked Questions were covered in this scope about the Periscope App:

Is Periscope The Next Big Thing?

  • Will Periscope take off?
  • Will Periscope last?
  • Will Periscope help twitter stock?
  • Who Periscopes?

Is Periscope Free To Use?

  • Can Periscope be used without twitter?

Are periscope videos archived/saved?

  • Do Periscope videos expire?
  • Does Periscope have a time limit?
  • Is Periscope live?
  • How Periscope hearts work?
  • Are Periscope comments saved?
  • Can Periscope fast forward?

Can periscope be used on a android/iphone/ipad?

  • Is Periscope only for phones or can it be used on PC/laptop?
  • Does Periscope use data?

Can periscope be private?

  • Does Periscope show your location?
  • Is Periscope safe or dangerous?

Does periscope post to Twitter?

  • Can Periscope post to Facebook?

Does Periscope pay?

  • Do Periscopes get paid?
  • How Periscope makes money?
  • Is Periscope publicly traded?

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