Is NEON energy drink a pyramid scheme?

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Neon Energy DrinkIn the United Kingdom especially people are naturally cynical and every new product or service launched in the market always has certain people asking, “is it a pyramid scheme”, and of course NEON energy drink is no exception.

The simple answer is, no, it’s a new healthy energy drink made with natural ingredients that rewards customers for sharing it by giving them free product, and rewards entrepreneurs for promoting it through free product, commission, and bonuses.

Many companies today reward customers for sharing their products, for example the Uber taxi booking app has built their whole company using word of mouth referrals. Whenever a Uber customer recommends the app to their friend, their friend gets a free ride, and the customer gets a free ride for making the referral.

Every day people recommend things, but often they don’t get paid. For example, you might go to a nice restaurant, or watch the latest blockbuster movie, and recommend it to your friends who go to the restaurant, or watch the movie – but you don’t get paid. The fact is that we naturally seek out recommendations of products and services on a daily basis through our trusted network of friends and associates.

Five key differences between a legitimate referral program and an illegal “pyramid scheme” according to the FTC:

Nobody would accuse taxi firm Uber of running a pyramid scheme, since they reward customers with free rides instead of hard cash, but the principle is still the same.

Here are five things to watch out for that are tell-tale signs of an illegal pyramid scheme:

  1. The key thing that separatesĀ legit referral programs from illegal pyramid schemes is that the product or service in a legal scheme is sold to members of the public. NEON energy drink is aimed at the majority of the public who are currently consuming unhealthy sticky energy drinks that are full of sugarĀ on a daily basis.
  2. In an illegal scheme your income is based mainly on the people you recruit into the program, not on sales of the product or service to actual customers. That’s not the case with NEON energy drink, since everything is aimed at attracting new customers, only a small fraction of entrepreneurial people are interested in being a promoter of the product. Most NEON promoters have more customers than team members.
  3. In illegal schemes you are often required to buy lots of inventory. Not true with NEON energy drink, since you can get started with as little as two cases of NEON energy drink and the basic promoter kit, after that you can get enough customers each month to get your subsequent months product for free with the new VIP Rewards program. You aren’t required to purchase NEON in order to stay active, all you need are active customers.
  4. In illegal schemes they often force you to buy other things that you don’t need in order to be in good standing with the company. That is absolutely not the case with NEON, since the initial training includes finding your first three customers, that would cover your minimum requirement to be an active promoter, and give you enough VIP Reward points to get your subsequent product for free.
  5. The other thing that is different is that you are likely to lose your money in an illegal pyramid scheme. With the initial training you’ll get when you become a promoter of NEON energy drink, you’ll learn how to make back your initial investment in your first few weeks, and then you will be in profit thereafter. Join our team and we will work with you to ensure that you reach your personal income goals.

Beware of companies disguising themselves as network marketing companies when they are in fact pyramid schemes!

wolf in sheeps clothing cartoonAdmittedly, it is very difficult to find a reputable company out there. With all the many scams and schemes you are right to check if a company is legitimate or not.

For many years, I wasn’t involved with any network marketing company, as when I looked into them I often found they were illegal schemes dressed up as legitimate network marketing companies – until I found the company that just launched NEON.

The company behind NEON energy drink (ViSalus Sciences), was started nine years ago by a team of three young entrepreneurs, Ryan Blair, Blake Mallen, and Nick Sarnicola. They have an amazing record of creating successful entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting all the founders on several occasions, as well as having a tour around the head office in Troy, MI, and I can say that it is an amazing company to work with.

The compensation plan is well thought out and very generous, it rewards you upfront with your efforts with up to 20% customer commission, then as you build your team there are several bonuses as your team members progress through the ranks, and a generous 5% residual commission on the sales that your team members make.

There really is no downside to promoting NEON – you just need to put in the effort on a daily basis, and by that I mean to connect with new people on social networks and in real life, work on your mindset by reading personal development material, and produce content for passive marketing such as blog posts, or YouTube videos.

NEON Energy DrinkFind out more about selling NEON Energy Drink!

If you are looking for a legitimate home based business opportunity that pays on time each week and each month, look no further than NEON energy drink!

Since most people consume energy drinks on a daily basis, and are already well aware of the health concerns surrounding them, NEON is such an easy sell!

Just put a can of NEON in their hand and ask them to taste it!

24 cans in 24 hours is the fastest way to grow your NEON business.

NEON energy drink is also simple to promote on social media. A full library of shareable graphics, videos, facebook cover pictures, and more is available to help you with your promotions, and full marketing training is provided.

If you would like to learn more, please click here to access our online webinar all about promoting NEON energy drink, and welcome to our team – the fastest growing in the business!