NEON Energy Drink Business Review

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For years, entrepreneurs¬†have been waiting for¬†an energy drink MLM, and finally one has come along that blows all other energy drinks out of the water. It tastes great, it isn’t expensive, you can refer friends and get yours for free, and best of all – it’s good for you and made with the best natural ingredients!

Let’s look at why energy drinks make the best network marketing business opportunity in 2016:

  • Worldwide energy drink market is worth more than $49 billion in 2015.
  • Three companies dominate 94% of the market (Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar).
  • There has been little innovation in energy drinks during the past 15 years.
  • Most energy drinks sold are unhealthy, loaded with sugar, and high in taurine.

This means that there is huge opportunity for entrepreneurs who see that the market is ripe for innovation.

neon-energy-drinkNew NEON energy drink is a revolutionary new energy drink that really works. It is made with 24% fruit juice, contains just 100 calories, 100mg caffeine, and a range of other natural extracts that are actually GOOD FOR YOU!

That’s right, whilst everyone else is searching for a less unhealthy energy drink – you can get to work marketing a new energy drink that’s actually got several health benefits – including containing 100% of your Vitamin B, and Vitamin C daily requirements in just one can!

Since energy drinks are consumed on a daily basis in one form or another by the majority of the population, you don’t need to do any selling to convince anyone that they can simply switch their spending from one faceless corporate giant, to buying a healthier product from you – their friend or colleague.

The great thing about the NEON Energy Drink marketing plan is that customers are encouraged to share the product too, by referring just three friends they can wipe out their monthly product fees, and get healthy NEON energy drink to their door every month for free – as long as they have three customers ordering from them each month (tax and shipping is the only amount payable).

More entrepreneurial people can take it further and get the word out to even more people to earn commission on their sales up to 25%, and team commissions of 5% plus bonuses – including a BMW car bonus, or cash equivalent.

So if you are looking for a way to make money working from home, and be your own boss – check out NEON Energy Drink today!


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