Mystery Shopping

Fancy a job as a mystery shopper? Get your meals or purchases refunded and earn between £4.25 and £15 per assignment.

Mystery shopping is an enjoyable part time income opportunity that anyone can take advantage of. Thanks to an increasing focus on customer service, more businesses than ever are using the services of mystery shoppers to monitor the effectiveness of their retail sales staff.

Assignments include:

  • Buying sandwiches from restaurant chains
  • Placing bets at bookmakers (you can keep any winnings!)
  • Making an enquiry at baggage reclaims
  • Buying a product at a health food shop
  • and many more!

Assignments are constantly changing and will vary according to your profile and location. For example if you have three child family, you will get different assignments allocated to if you are a single studient, or retired person for example.

There are usually several assignments open each week, so the possibily earning potential is around £15 to £25 per week, plus of course all your purchases are refunded.

At the end of the visit, you need to reveal that you are a mystery shopper, and file a report by midnight that night.

There is no charge to register as a mystery shopper, just a short multiple choice application form, which takes around five to ten minutes. Then you can log on to the website regularly to check for new assignments.

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