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Did you know that mobile apps are an incredible $4.4 Billion a year market that is growing rapidly each year?

People use mobile apps every day to find recipes, compare prices, interact with friends, and so much more.

Apps can reach millions of people, and allow small businesses and sole entrepreneurs to compete for keywords that wouldn’t normally be possible through Google search results.

App development is a goldmine for small businesses. Apps allow you to get new customers, increase repeat visits, get customers to spend more money with you, improve customer experience, and get ahead of the competition.

The vast majority of businesses still do not have any type of mobile app. Whilst regular websites are growing steadily, demand for apps is exploding!

Mobile apps represent an incredible advertising opportunity for small businesses. Over one billion people worldwide already own a smartphone, and “push-notifications” enable businesses to contact customers instantly, without any concern about email spam filters or the cost of texting.

By having your app listed on the App Store, end-users are able to download your mobile application to their smartphone.

They can then instantly connect with your brand simply by tapping your icon. This is very different to visiting your website and leaving.

When a user installs your app, you have a permanent connection with them, because your app is on their phone.

Consumers can use mobile apps to access information instantly, so this is truly a win-win situation for businesses and consumers alike.

There is very little competition right now in this marketplace.

You aren’t competing against thousands of Fortune 500 companies for a top position in Google any more. You aren’t even competing against hundreds of local companies for the same keywords.

Right now, only a small number of apps exist for each keyword, so there are a lot less competitors.

Apps can get 100,000+, 500,000+, or a million+ people downloading them within a short space of time.

Apps can help with list building and customer acquisition. The possibilities are endless!

I can help you with both Android and iOS development, so you can have a presence on both app stores for maximum exposure.

The good news is that mobile application development needn’t cost £100,000+ any more. In fact, application development costs are coming down to prices that are affordable to small businesses. I’m talking under £1000 for most applications.

You don’t need to learn how to build an app for yourself. It is hard to get your head around the programming languages used, very time consuming, and takes a great deal of effort. Instead, outsource the mobile app design to me. Let myself and my team do all the hard work for you!

I appreciate there are many app development companies to choose from. Most charge thousands of pounds for even a basic app. I believe there is a gap in the market for simple, effective small business apps that do not cost the earth.

For further information on small business apps please get in touch with me on +44 (0)7967 646039 or email

Your journey into smartphone app development starts now.


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