My Top Tier Business (MOBE) Review

MOBE which stands for “My Online Business Empire” is the latest get rich quick internet marketing business opportunity doing the rounds. It is also known as MTTB which stands for “My Top Tier Business”.

The creator of this website is Matt Lloyd. Start typing his name into Google and you will search the auto-suggestion “matt lloyd scam” appear. When I saw this I decided to investigate more.

I had been invited onto a webinar by a well meaning contact, whose buddy was talking about how we can get in at $2000 and make $1000 commissions. He is making earnings of $731 per click, so I decided to jump on the webinar and find out more.

What I learned was simply that membership includes a heap of internet marketing training, which apparently we don’t really need to use, because the traffic will get driven for us. There was some mention of buying solo ads which I am never very keen on.

Further digging took me into the shady world of internet marketing, where people make money by selling products telling others how to make money on the internet. Often no other products are sold, other than internet marketing training.

A fancy graphic showed me what I would be getting if I invested in membership of MOBE:

mttb system

As you can see, no expense has been spared with the virtual box cover graphics!

The initial price point is $49, and that is followed by an up-sell of $1997. I was recommended to go in at the higher price, because otherwise I would not earn commissions from people who paid the $1997 that I referred to MOBE.

So it sounds very similar to the Empower Network so far. You have to buy the product to earn commissions on the product. There is also a $90 a month fee, and further up-sells which could total $23,855 + $310 a month if you selected all the options.

On the webinar, I also learned that MOBE utilise outbound call centre agents to create much of the up-sell commission.  The use of so-called “boiler rooms” is very common in the internet marketing niche.

Boiler rooms are where professional telesales people will use psychological tactics to persuade buyers to invest at higher levels in the company, with the promises of making higher commissions.

The money back guarantee seems odd as well, they offer $500 back, but the sales price is $1997 + $49. Clearly, if you are not satisfied you would still be out of pocket after the refund.

The sales pitches being used are very enticing, with the promises of being able to make tens of thousands of dollars in a month, and people with large internet marketing lists are apparently making those figures with MOBE.

However, the lack of emphasis on the products, and the emphasis on making commissions on up-sells sets alarm bells ringing for me.

I must stress that I chose not to invest in MOBE, so this review is my personal opinion only as an internet marketer with over 16 years experience.

So if I don’t promote MOBE how can I make money?

All you need to do to make money online is learn how to do SEO – there are loads of free courses available throughout the UK to do this. Get yourself a cheap web hosting account (I recommend Heart Internet in my home town of Nottingham), put up a WordPress site, drive traffic to it, and convert the traffic into your own leads and sales. You can easily learn how to do this.

Rather than getting people to join the latest money making ponzi scheme, think how you can use your own interests and knowledge to add value to other people.

If you don’t want to create your own website, you can learn about traffic generation methods such as social media marketing, and pay per click advertising – use those to drive traffic to other people’s offers through free to join affiliate networks like ClickBank and JV Zoo.

These are the top two programs that I currently promote:

You can act as an affiliate for the Email Marketing Robot and earn 33% commission on each £299 a year licence – and you don’t need to buy it yourself to earn the commission! There is a free trial from the website. This is business to business email marketing software that I have personally developed.

If you are interested in helping others to improve their health you can also promote the Project 10 Challenge which only costs £44 to start as a basic promoter. See the quick 50 second video for more details on this opportunity, and please contact me for further information.

I hope this information helps and please let me know what you think of my MOBE review using the comment form below.

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