Review of Men’s Sportswear at ASDA George

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james-winsoar-asda-george-sASDA George have brought out a brand new range of sportswear, and were kind enough to send me some items to try out.

The range includes stretchy leggings which are warm, yet breathable – great under shorts to keep your legs warm if you’re outdoors in the cold.

There are shorts in two colours, tracksuit bottoms, and a cool lightweight black t-shirt for the gym, as well as a tracksuit top in a choice of either blue or black.

Here are personal trainer Carly Rowena’s top 5 at-home fitness tips. Scroll down this post to see mine.

Here are my top tips for getting back in shape in 2015:

  1. It took time to put on weight, and it will take time to lose weight.
    Too many people have unrealistic goals – such as wanting to lose 20lbs in two weeks. The only way you can do that is through liposuction! Realistic weight loss goals are between 1lb and 3lb per week. Remember that 80% of results come from your diet – so don’t overlook the calories you are taking in each day.
  2. Make sure that you are exercising your whole body.
    Don’t just focus on your target area. The best way to lose belly fat is not ab exercise, but cardio such as running or rowing. You can watch my entire workout routine at to see how I lost 18lbs of fat, and then replaced it with muscle.
  3. Remember to check your measurements as well as looking at your weight on the scales.
    Belly, thigh, breast, and arm measurements are a great way to monitor your progress, and often the differences are noticeable in these measurements before any change on the scales.
  4. Follow a proven plan.
    Whether you train your upper body one day, and your lower body the next, or if you do a push/pull split, or any other combination (I’m currently doing a circuit training style challenge to push myself), follow the plan and be consistent. Change your plan at least every 90 days (3 months).
  5. Challenge yourself every day.
    Whether you are walking to the local shop instead of driving, or you are climbing the stairs instead of taking the escalator, challenge yourself every day to be more active than before. Your health will improve as a result, and you will inspire others.

For more workout tips and tutorials visit my YouTube Channel.

Check out the men’s sportswear range at ASDA George


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