How to Use Facebook for Network Marketing

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Look around you, and you will see that the world is on social media. The only thing more necessary for life these days other than water, food, and air is wifi! People are addicted to social media, so it makes sense that if people are there, you should go to them.

In days gone by network marketers would hang around at malls looking for a prospect who “looks sharp” to approach and pitch about their business. These days we don’t have to leave the house, and social networks like Facebook and Twitter give us constant opportunities to connect with people who may be interested in our business, or our products.

There is however a right way and a wrong way to do social media.

Mistakes made with Facebook groups and posts

Many people in network marketing tend to find groups about network marketing, or about their particular niche, and spam those groups on a daily basis telling people why they must join their downline.

Some people even use automated software to spam groups constantly with adverts. They are attracted to the promise of easy money, but this tactic doesn’t work because people ignore advertising.

Think about it yourself. If you go into a group and see that it is full of advertising. What do you do? Post your own ad and leave? Or just leave? Either way you haven’t read any of the other ads, nevermind acted on them.

The same is true with personal timelines. Your friends and family don’t want to be constantly pitched about your business, and why they should join it. You probably don’t even want your family to be in your business, lets be honest. They just want a nosey into your life basically, and some entertainment to read on their commute home from work.

Thankfully there is a better way!

Get your own facebook wall open for business by presenting yourself as professional and successful. Use it to showcase your lifestyle, and avoid posting about your business, and products – unless they are discretely included in photos and videos without being directly referenced. This creates CURIOSITY – and curiosity will lead to people asking when they are ready.

You definitely want to remove everything negative from your wall, such as arguments, airing your dirty laundry, violence, politics, etc. Hard to do (I know!) but it will increase your conversion rates if you want to use Facebook for your network marketing business.

The best way of prospecting for network marketing on Facebook

Once you have your profile looking attractive, so that when someone looks at it they will think “Yes, I’d like to work alongside this person”, you can now start the more effective process of facebook prospecting.

This tried-and-tested method is used by hundreds of thousands of successful network marketers in thousands of companies. I’d recommend setting yourself a target of prospecting five new people a day.

Record keeping is essential, so be sure to keep a note of all the people you speak with, and their current position through your process – from initial contact and rapport building, through to watching your presentation, arranging a 3-way call, and making a Yes/No decision about becoming a customer or distributor with you.

How to use the Facebook search to find hot network marketing prospects

This is the key to finding quality prospects on Facebook.

Log in to your Facebook account, and in the search bar type: Friends of friends who like Robert Kiyosaki who live in Italy.

This must be done on the desktop version of Facebook.
If it doesn’t work, change your language in settings to US English.

As you type into the search form on Facebook, you will see suggestions appear in the dropdown menu, the key to getting correct results is to click one of those suggestions to complete your search, rather than clicking the search icon.

When the search results appear, click on the “See All” button to see all matching results.

Before making contact, just check that it isn’t a friend of someone else in your business, if the mutual friends show other people, that’s perfect. For that reason I don’t tend to add a lot of people who are already in my business, because I don’t want to end up pitching to their friends.

To make contact use the Facebook Messenger mobile app. If you do it that way, there is greater chance of your message reaching their primary inbox. So do the search on your laptop, and the contacting on your mobile device.

Remember to record all conversations on your spreadsheet so you can stay on top of follow-up.

Suggested Facebook Messenger prospecting conversation

Here is a great opening line:

Hey (first name), I just found your profile on (name of guru, book, or course, etc), and I can see we have some mutual friends in common. Listen, I’m recruiting for a company based out of (place your company is based), and we are expanding into (country you have searched), and we are looking for people just like you. Let me know if you are open to some more info?

When you reply back to people, you can get into a conversation, and ultimately invite them to watch your presentation.

My recommendation is to start five of these prospecting conversations a day. That’s your “active” marketing. I’d also recommend that you do some “passive” marketing as well each day, such as writing a blog post, or making a Facebook live video (educational or entertaining – rather than selling).

So remember, to be successful in network marketing you must position yourself as being an expert in your field.

Share tips on your facebook wall related to the interests of your potential clients and business partners – for example, if you are in a health and wellness business there are endless topics you can cover – simply find tips or news, and blog about it, or make a video about it, and share that on your wall.

Consistency is key. Remember that every “overnight success” took years of preparation.

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