How to start your Periscope broadcasts with a BANG!

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Here is the basic outline for a good start to your broadcasts on the Periscope live video streaming app from Twitter:

  • Welcome replay viewers (don’t stare blankly at the screen waiting for people to join).
  • Introduce yourself, give a call to action and website address.
  • Explain what today’s subject will be so that people know to keep watching.
  • Ask for shares & give shoutouts to people who share it out for 30 seconds. This is how you grow your audience. Be sure to tell people how to share, ie. tap the icon at the bottom right, then tap share!
  • Start giving value.
  • Remember to ask people to follow you and explain how, ie. tap the icon on bottom right, then tap your profile pic to view your profile, then tap the follow button!

Your first frame will become the thumbnail image for your replay on, and your last frame will become the thumbnail pic for your replay on and in the Periscope app. It is a good idea to point your camera at a graphic showing your social media links at the beginning of your broadcast while you welcome your replay viewers on.

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