How to repurpose your Periscope broadcasts

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Do friends and family say that you are spending too much time on Periscope? Do you feel that you are putting a lot of time into it and not getting enough back? If so, the following time management tips will help you.
The mistake I see people making is doing too much planning. They plan their Periscope broadcast, then they plan what they are going to blog about, then they plan their social media posts. No wonder they complain they don’t have enough time.

Try doing your planning once, then repurpose your content.

You might find it easier to quickly plan the content for a Periscope broadcast, then do your broadcast, get feedback from your viewers, and while it is all fresh in your mind turn that into a blog post – just like I’m doing right now.

If you are really short of time, you can even hire a freelancer to turn your Periscope video into a blog post by transcribing the audio. This could cost as little as $5.50 on

You can also embed the replay of your video using into your blog post, this will help you to turn more of your blog readers into Periscope followers.

Click here to find out how to record your Periscope videos with hearts and comments, and put them into an attractive template that you can upload to YouTube.

Once you have a blog post, you can then share it out to all your social networks – and hey presto your social media marketing is done for the day!

Take it a step further and strip out the audio from your Periscope video and use that as your podcast content. There are several audio extractors online – just search for mp4 to mp3.¬†¬†Just be sure to bear in mind while doing your scope that you need to mention everyone’s names when you’re reading comments as without the picture listeners will need an audio description of everything that is happening.

Let me know in the comments your ideas for repurposing your Periscope broadcasts.

If you would like to network with other business owners who are using Periscope for marketing, please do join our Scope Hacking community – and you will also get a free check-list of what to say on your scopes to get more followers and leads!


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  1. Anna

    December 6, 2015 1:11 pm


    I love your practical approach to Periscope.

    I am going to implement your about using Fiverr.

    This is a powerful idea to free up more time.

    Thank you.

    Anna Scheller


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