MLM Success Coaching – How to Recruit More MLM Reps

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Recruiting in MLM is a contact sport, by that I mean that the more people you put into your sales funnel in a shorter space of time, the more successful your business will be.

I recommend using the “TIP” process to recruit more reps, which stands for Tease, Invite, Present.

make moneyIn this video, I explain the different types of tools you can use to tease your prospects, the invitation step, and the presentation step.

You will also learn some good opening lines which I have tried to keep as generic as possible so that this video will help you no matter what network marketing business you choose to promote.

I also talk about the types of prospects which you should concentrate on if you want your business to build as quickly and as easily as possible.

You will also learn the key to successfully growing your team, customer base, and how to turn every¬†“no” into a referral opportunity.

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