Wondering how to obtain email addresses for marketing your business?

There are many times when business owners and marketers will need to have a list of emails to use for cold outreach purposes, to invite local business owners to an event in their area, or just to get the word out about new products and services to potential clients.

In my previous blog post I looked at the various perils of buying email list data from brokers, and I just want to expand on this because I know it is an issue that effects so many business owners.

There are so many options out there, you can buy email lists from brokers, you can ask for the email address from people who visit your website and build a list of email addresses that way, you can add email addresses from business cards you pick up at networking functions, and you can hire a member of staff to manually search for target businesses and add their emails to your mailing list.

But all those methods have their own costs and problems attached to them. Thankfully there is no another way, and it is far easier and more cost effective than all the above methods I’ve mentioned.

Use A.I. software to harvest email addresses from websites automatically!

Email Marketing RobotOver the past four years I’ve been developing the “Email Marketing Robot” – a software suite that gathers email addresses from businesses websites, allows you to target by business classification and geographic location, and sends your marketing emails out to those businesses in an automated fashion.

The artificial intelligence software does not require a list of email addresses. Instead, all you need to tell the Robot to do is look for certain classifications of businesses that are your target clients (such as accountants, pest controllers, financial advisers, web designers, etc), and you tell it the towns and cities that you wish to target. These could be local, national, or international.

Give the Robot your marketing email to send, and press the Start button. It’s that simple! The Robot then finds businesses that match your search criteria, spiders their websites looking to extract a contact email address, and sends your pre-written email template personalised to them automatically!

It really is like having an extra member of staff working for you, and clients using it are sending in some really encouraging testimonials about the results they are getting with it.

Are you ready for A.I. to take your business to the next level?

Download your free trial of the Email Marketing Robot now.

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