How to Generate Leads On Twitter Without Using Ads

Here are six very easy ways you can start to generate leads on Twitter for free (without using Twitter ads) starting today:

  1. Update your profile photo
    Have a photo that shows you solving common problems for clients. If you’re a personal trainer a photo of you coaching a client would work great. If you’re a photographer definitely hold a camera. If you’re a florist, be arranging flowers. This will add to your personal branding, and increase the number of people who take action whenever they see you on Twitter.
  2. Customise your BIO to include a call to action
    Many people do not realise that they can put a call to action in their twitter bio, such as “Download My Free Report on Avoiding Injury While Exercising:”. It is important to use your real URL rather than a link because it will again help with your brand identification.
  3. Put your call to action in your header graphic
    Create a graphic 1500 pixels by 500 pixels for the header graphic on your Twitter account. It takes some experimentation to get everything in the right place in this graphic, as it is only the centre part of the image that is visible on most monitors. You could show an image of your free report, and give the website address where people can download it.
  4. Tweet valuable information that your followers will share
    Know your target audience and tweet quotes, pictures, and links they will appreciate and share. Inspirational quotes and funny pictures always work well. Try searching Google images for “funny [your niche] memes”, and see what comes up. When your followers share your tweets, some of their followers will follow you, thus growing your twitter audience.
  5. Leverage Twitter by scattering in a few hash-tags
    Use hash-tags relevant to your industry that will increase reach, such as in the fitness niche #fitfam #beastmode #eatclean, as well as generic ones such as #RT, #bizitweet, etc. Always use way under 140 characters where possible, to give people room to comment when they re-tweet your message.
  6. Put valuable content behind an email subscribe form.
    For example, enter your name and email address for a free guide to lead generation on Twitter. Visitors have to enter their name and email to get a copy. Once you have someone who has given their name and email, use that information to instantly deliver their free guide, and then drip-feed useful related information over the coming days and weeks using an auto-responder system.

For an example, please have a look at my twitter profile which I have tried to set up in this way:

Let me know if these tips work for you, or if you have any comments or tips to share in the comments section below.

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