1 to 31 Follow Up System for Leads

Today’s blog post features my millionaire mentor RJ Barros.

One of the hardest challenges running a small or home based business is that not only do you have to run the business, most often you also have to do both the marketing and the sales for the business.

We all know that the key to getting more sales is speaking to more people who are likely to have a need for your product or service, and in other blog posts I’ve looked at ways that you can generate leads for your business.

Once you have spoken to people, you will normally start the sales process by at first sharing some kind of information – whether that is sending a brochure, a product sample, a PDF document, PowerPoint presentation, video, or some other type of marketing collateral that is relevant to your business.

Once the sales process has begun, you will usually have the need to arrange a further contact with the prospect, for example you might ask if they can watch the video, could you call back in an hour to hear what they like best about it. I find the best way to make sure I do this is to set a reminder on my smart phone using the standard Calendar app.

What about times when the prospect needs more than a few hours to think about it? This is where the 1 to 31 follow-up system for leads and prospects comes into its own. Say for example your friend is going on holiday for two weeks, loves the sound of your product/service/business opportunity – and they want you to get back in touch when they return. Simply put a card with their details in the appropriate envelope – then every day open the envelope for that day and you will know exactly what follow-ups to do.

I hope this simple system helps you to get organised as much as it has helped me. Please reply in the comments section below to let us know your thoughts!

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