Generate Money With This Memory Jogger for Network Marketing

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The memory jogger technique is old-school, but it works.

When you find an opportunity that is so mainstream that you can share it with everyone you know.

You need an everybody you know list!

In one of the first companies I was very successful with, we used to call it the EYK list. So that acronym kind of stuck!

I use this list to help all the new promoters in my team generate a list of everyone they know. Using this memory jogger people tend to be able to write many more names than they would just by trying to think of them.

This helps you to identify a larger warm market than previously thought possible.

I’ve met top earners from several companies, and they all agree that inviting their warm market to watch their business presentation was one of the major reasons for their success in network marketing.

Why this old school technique is still worth practising

There are many different lead generation techniques available to network marketers, and home based business owners today.

If it’s a mass market product you promote, the EYK list is a very good place to begin – the reason being, it is always easier in sales to convert a warm prospect rather than a cold lead.

What I mean by that is, your parents, your spouse, and people you know – if they like the product or service you recommend, they are more likely to buy from you than a stranger you met in the street, because of a higher level of trust from the relationship.

As a lead generation tool for new promoters, the EYK list memory jogger method is a fantastic way to get started, usually with enough customers and promoters to reach at least the first rank advancement in the compensation plan.

How to use this memory jogger:

Simply print the list out, then fill out as many names as possible. Some people see how many they can write in 5 minutes, or 10 minutes, and make it into a game. Try to write at least a hundred.

If you manage to think of someone in every category you will now have a list of more than 200 people who you can invite!

What is the point of writing an everyone you know list?

Top earners all seem to agree that *200+* is the magic number of contacts they think of, and invited, to build their business.

If you find this method works for you, teach people you sponsor to write a EYK list, and to teach their new promoters to do the same.


“Who do you know who …    … ?”

  1. you respect
  2. shows concern for other people
  3. is active in church
  4. people always seem to like
  5. does personal counselling
  6. is professional
  7. is in a club or organisation
  8. is active in civic affairs
  9. is a teacher
  10. deals with the public
  11. is in management
  12. is a supervisor
  13. is a consultant
  14. is a trainer
  15. is looking for more out of life
  16. is ambitious
  17. is assertive
  18. on the go
  19. considered a leader
  20. attracts leaders
  21. has children just starting school, or college
  22. has children with special talents
  23. wants to set a good example
  24. owns a business
  25. holds a very responsible stressful position
  26. wants to have freedom
  27. is considering a new profession
  28. changing jobs
  29. recently changed job
  30. unable to advance in her job
  31. has talents but is held back
  32. just starting selling
  33. is an experienced sales person
  34. relies on ideas for his livelihood (author, designer, promoter, advertiser etc)
  35. has never been able to get started or has failed in business but still has strong desires
  36. is going to college, business school, trade school etc
  37. has just graduated
  38. was recently married
  39. knows everyone in town
  40. has international connections
  41. exudes credibility
  42. elected to office
  43. works with you
  44. you see at the gym
  45. is looking for a job
  46. you play sport with
  47. you know from your old neighbourhood
  48. valued your home
  49. already has a great job
  50. cleans your car
  51. is on your christmas card list
  52. does your cleaning
  53. is your accountant
  54. you do community work with
  55. does your hair
  56. runs the spa
  57. you see at the printing shop
  58. delivers your mail or parcels
  59. seems to change job often
  60. did your house repairs
  61. is concerned about her skin or hair
  62. is concerned about his weight
  63. loves sport and fitness
  64. wants more time with family
  65. are your parents
  66. are your grandparents
  67. sisters
  68. brothers
  69. aunts
  70. uncles
  71. cousins
  72. children
  73. step-relatives
  74. newspaper person
  75. dentist
  76. doctor
  77. minister
  78. florist
  79. solicitor
  80. insurance broker
  81. pharmacist
  82. post office staff
  83. vet
  84. optician
  85. estate agent
  86. car dealer
  87. tv/stereo shop
  88. fishing/hunting licence issuer
  89. suit shop
  90. tie shop
  91. shoe shop
  92. business card supplier
  93. wedding ring retailer
  94. vacuum cleaner seller
  95. boat/motor home/motorcycle dealer
  96. bike shop owner
  97. furniture store shop staff
  98. air conditioner dealer
  99. kitchen fitter
  100. lawnmower repairer
  101. avon representative
  102. tupperware rep etc.
  103. carpet supplier
  104. neighbours
  105. partners barber/hairdresser
  106. school teacher
  107. best man/maid of honour
  108. photographer who took wedding pictures
  109. buyer at my company
  110. school secretary
  111. architect
  112. bowling buddy
  113. PTA chair
  114. you met camping
  115. repaired your tv
  116. you new from your old job
  117. went with us to the races
  118. you share a car with
  119. installed your telephone extension
  120. owns a laundrette
  121. teaches ceramics
  122. owns a taxi service
  123. cuts the grass
  124. installed your refrigerator
  125. owns an apartment
  126. is in rotary club
  127. plays bridge with you
  128. is in a book club
  129. is a deacon in church
  130. owns a drapery business
  131. manages a sports club
  132. does your tax return
  133. cleans your clothes
  134. hung your wallpaper
  135. taught your children to drive
  136. owns a cottage or holiday let
  137. services your car
  138. runs a cattery
  139. works with mountain rescue
  140. sold your wife her wig
  141. owns a nursery
  142. works as a pest controller
  143. stores your wife’s winter coat
  144. sells ice cream in the neighbourhood
  145. own a jewellery store
  146. sells awnings
  147. works for a travel agent
  148. a professional nurse
  149. a golf pro
  150. a fashion model
  151. a security guard
  152. a sheriff
  153. a fire chief
  154. a secretary
  155. a welder
  156. a crane operator
  157. detective
  158. music teacher
  159. art teacher
  160. graphic designer
  161. forester
  162. seamstress
  163. carpenter
  164. pilot or steward
  165. mobile home salesman
  166. bank teller
  167. tailor
  168. car mechanic
  169. editor
  170. lab technician
  171. restaurant owner
  172. phone system installer
  173. social worker
  174. lifeguard
  175. race car driver
  176. paper mill worker
  177. brick layer
  178. draftsman
  179. printer
  180. office manager
  181. bakery owner
  182. plant supervisor
  183. dietician
  184. mechanic
  185. anestehetist
  186. surgeon
  187. librarian
  188. funeral director
  189. missionary
  190. real estate agent
  191. railway ticket attendent
  192. bulldozer operator
  193. printing press operator
  194. bus driver
  195. airline ticket agent
  196. computer programmer
  197. office equipment supplier
  198. drinks distributor
  199. air traffic controller
  200. interior decorator
  201. swimming teacher
  202. grocery store owner
  203. insurance loss adjuster
  204. warehouse manager
  205. removals company operator
  206. rent a car representative
  207. professional football player
  208. professional basketball player
  209. professional hockey player
  210. television presenter
  211. television producer
  212. tool and die maker
  213. cookware salesperson
  214. dance instructor
  215. sawmill operator
  216. industrial engineer
  217. research technician
  218. telephone engineer
  219. lithographer
  220. fisherman
  221. bench machinist
  222. waiter or waitress
  223. furniture dealer
  224. notary public
  225. farmer
  226. actor or actress
  227. land clearer
  228. horse trader
  229. statistician
  230. cement finisher
  231. antique dealer
  232. brewery salesperson
  233. engineer
  234. contractor
  235. chiropractor
  236. podiatrist
  237. auctioneer
  238. electrician
  239. dental hygienist
  240. shoe repairman
  241. locksmith
  242. physical therapist
  243. hotel owner or manager
  244. policeman
  245. judge
  246. friends on facebook
  247. linkedin contacts
  248. twitter followers
  249. email contacts
  250. mobile phone contacts



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