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I created the Email Marketing Robot software about four years ago when I was offering SEO services. I wanted to be able to contact businesses who were on the second page of Google and offer to get them onto the first page. Then I realised there were many other uses for the software.

Email Marketing RobotI found it was also fantastic for inviting local business owners to networking events, as it targets by business type and location with pinpoint accuracy.

I wanted to make sure that I wouldn’t get blacklisted, so I built in anti-spam measures including the ability to ensure that it only emails a business once, and also excludes certain types of websites that are user configurable.

It mimicks human behaviour. You could employ a junior member of marketing staff to find prospective businesses, look up their contact details, and then email or text an introductory message about your company. However, the software solution saves a lot of money.

The cost works out at just 10p per hour, compare that to the UK minimum wage, and you will see why so many people are worried about robots taking over jobs. They are more reliable, they don’t need breaks, never need time off, and are very consistent.

Here is a video showing exactly how the software works:

Email Marketing Robot YouTube Channel

The software simply needs installing on a PC that you can leave on while it is running. You can also schedule the software to email during office hours.

There is a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee, so there is absolutely no risk for you to try the software.

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  1. Hi
    I need to contact a lot of businesses in a relatively short time frame, would running the software on multiple pcs with multiple licences be an issue?



    • Hi Terry, yes we do have clients doing this and you should have received my email with further details.

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