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Proof YOU can add 30+ daily new prospects to your list. That’s right: UNLIMITED Network Marketing Leads are at your fingertips!

Are you struggling to build your MLM business, or are you doing OK but you would like to do a lot better?

big bonus checksHow would you like to qualify for the next rank advancements, gain more new customers and be recognized for being a top customer gatherer, recruit more dynamic and influential people, and qualify for the car bonus & incentive trips?

If you have contacted everyone you know, you have probably turned to social media marketing to drum up interest, but chances are you’re spending hours more than you want to tied to your computer prospecting for potential promoters and customers.

I’m sure that you didn’t join your network marketing business to be a telemarketer or a Facebook chat operator now, did you?

The good news is that there is a way to live the kind of lifestyle that made you want to do network marketing in the first place. It IS POSSIBLE, and YOU FULLY DESERVE SUCCESS, and I want to help you to do it!

Here’s proof that I know what I’m talking about. Look what happened to my list when I started this method on May 8th. The number of new prospects coming to me each day is the green line:

MLM leads
Graph showing number of MLM leads being generated each day.

mlm duplicationWith just a few hours of one-time work, I’ve built an automated system that generated 255 new leads (for free) in the first 18 days. Imagine how many leads it will have pulled in 90 days from now!

What if you could have 30+ new people a day added to your list that you can make contact with each day, and it didn’t involve buying leads or paying for advertising?

How would your organisation grow if it was an easy to follow replicable system that each new person in your team could duplicate – so that each person had 30+ new contacts DAILY?

I’m guessing that this could be life changing potentially right?

Even if only 1 in 100 people who made contact ever became a customer or promoter – you’re potentially looking at 100+ new people a year signing up with you, and with every one of your team who also uses this system.

In this free report, I will show you exactly how to set up everything you need to start an unlimited stream of daily new prospects – precisely how I’ve done with the exact same system.

You will learn step-by-step how to set up your own MLM lead generating system just like mine – and have enough people to talk to that you can afford to be choosy about who you work with, and even start interviewing any potential candidates who wish to join your team!

Use my 4 simple attraction marketing methods to instantly become the hunted, rather than the hunter!

Start living the lifestyle you joined network marketing for. You can continue to do traditional MLM warm market prospecting, Facebook chats (if you wish to), and use this system to ensure that your list never runs dry of people to talk to – including people who are actually interested in joining your business opportunity, and buying your products and services!

ready to sign upHave people contact you literally credit card in hand, ready to sign up as a customer, or join your team.

I will show you how to automate follow-up so you never forget about a lead again, and maximise your conversion of leads to sign-ups.

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