Full Body Weight Training Routine

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What do you do when there’s no gym and you don’t have any exercise equipment? ┬áNo, you don’t have a few rest days. You can actually get a full body workout using nothing but body weight training exercises. This new mobile app explains how!

Great fitness traditions including Indian wrestling cults, the Spartans, the Roman gladiators, Charles Atlas, modern day military, and Matt Furey all use body weight exercises to lose fat and build muscle.

In fact it is possible to do everything from warm up, to chest, arms, back, shoulders, legs, neck, and core exercises all using nothing but body weight.

Body weight training exercises even offer some advantages over using free weights or exercise machines at a gym. It is not so easy to over-train using body weight, and body weight exercises can help the body to heal injuries, and builds flexibility.

By downloading this free mobile app, you will be able to follow a proven body weight exercise program to lose fat and build muscle from home, together with written descriptions of each exercise, diagrams on correct form, and demonstration videos.

For fat loss, and strength, I’m sure you will agree after trying this workout that body weight exercises trump weights every time!

Download Body Weight Exercises for Android from Google Play


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