Best Way Of Firing A Member Of Staff By Email!

Ever wished you could fire a member of staff simply by sending an email? Well now you can with this amazing new software!..

The Email Marketing Robot is the best-selling software package, designed to do the work of a full time member of staff, automatically finding targeted business prospects, and making the initial approach to them via email.

Last month, I blogged about how I invited the Email Marketing Robot, and today to round of this year, I’m going to share with you some of the success stories that clients have reported to us over the past year.

Many of the success stories this year have come from directors of the business networking and referrals organisation BNI, as news of the software has spread throughout their network of franchise owners in the UK, and we have had our first customer from Cyprus which shows that news of the program is now spreading internationally!

We also receive praise from companies who are using the software to generate business enquiries for themselves. A manufacturer of glass radiators  purchased their second copy of the software, and reported that their enquiries have significantly increased.

Here are some comments from customers:

“Once set up, it runs automatically, while I’m doing other things. It creates almost instant results. I often get phone calls within fifteen minutes of hitting the start button.”
– Paul Clegg, The Rule Of 7.

“Fantastic tool for starting core groups! i launched 2 chapters using the Email Marketing Robot, if anyone would like to ask me any questions feel free to contact me”
– Ian Wright, Director Consultant, BNI Derbyshire South.

“The software is working better than I imagined. I didn’t believe it would work this good! Now can you give me some tips on how to handle all the follow up?!”
– Oxana Laouri, Executive Director, BNI Cyprus.

“For the past 12 months from our regional office in Windsor we have been helping to develop core groups and existing chapters using a software product called Email Marketing Robot as a way of identifying businesses to invite to chapter meetings.  This piece of software is very user friendly and has produced successful results.  As a time saving tool for us it has been indispensable   We are happy to endorse this product and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.”
– Gavin Bain, Executive Director, BNI Berkshire.

bni-derbyshire-awardPersonally, I have had tremendous success with the software this year, to such an extent that I always have two copies running during office hours.

I use it to generate leads for my own business, I use it to advertise an affiliate program to web professionals worldwide, and also use it to invite potential visitors to the business networking groups that I attend. I was recently recognised for bringing the most visitors in my region, and given the lovely award pictured to the right.

The best thing is that even now as I am typing this blog post, I’ve got invites going out to businesses matching my search criteria automatically. I wouldn’t ever want to go back to the old way of marketing now I know that the Email Marketing Robot can run in the background while I get on with other work, or following up with those who express an interest.

In 2013, I would like to reach even more BNI directors who can use the software to grow their regions, and grow the user base of small to medium size businesses using it for lead generation.

If you have any questions about the software please feel free to contact me, and I will be happy to help.

2013Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2013!

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