Best protein in UK – REVEALED!!

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If you are looking for the best protein in the UK (and who isn’t?), I am pleased to recommend the Body by Vi products range which I have been using for the past two years with exceptional results.

Before and after pic - weight loss journeyI’ve managed to lose 18lbs of fat, and add it back on again in lean muscle – getting my body fat percentage down from 16% to 11%.

Before April 2013, I was training five times a week at the gym and getting nowhere fast. In fact, I was getting fatter and fatter as you can see in my before picture here. My stomach was bulging, my waist size was up to 36″. I was the biggest I’ve been in my life. My confidence was at rock bottom.

I thought my diet was good, but just by incorporating the Vi Shape meal replacement shakes as one or two of my meals a day, Vi Crunch super protein cereal for breakfast, and Vi Bites and Nutra Cookies as snacks during the day – I’ve seen results faster and more easily than before.

I’m now down to a 31″ waist! The lowest my weight size has been for years. My muscle tone is improved, and I’m much happier now about life, and I’ve regained my confidence at long last.

Now, I train at the gym just once a week doing a full body workout, but I do make sure I exercise every day at home as well  – either by doing press ups, going out for a walk, or doing 20 minutes on the running machine.

I’ve been able to connect with thousands of other people through the Project 10 Challenge, and have made friends throughout the world with other people who are either on a journey of fat loss, or building lean muscle naturally. We inspire and motivate each other.

The products save money because they are cheaper than equivalent meals (you can even get them for free by challenging three friends to do it with you), and I can still enjoy a healthy evening meal as well as another healthy snack made of “real food” each day. So, I don’t feel like I’m “dieting”, it is more of a healthy lifestyle and clean eating plan.

The products are all made from healthy natural ingredients, scientifically optimised to get you the results you are looking for as quickly and as safely as possible.

They don’t contain any nasty ingredients such as aspartame, or hydrogenated fat – and they are all Kosher-certified, vegetarian, and gluten-free.

The first step is to set yourself a goal of how much fat you want to lose, or how much muscle you want to build. I recommend setting yourself an initial target of losing 10lbs of fat, or building 10lbs of lean muscle. It is a stretch, but it is achievable. Once you accomplish a small goal, you will be more motivated to go further.

Would you like to join me in getting healthier together? I would love to help you with even more tips based on my own personal experience, and by challenging each other!

Here’s my challenge to you:

Lose 10lbs of fat, or build 10lbs of muscle with me over the next 90 days, and a needy kid will be sponsored on your behalf with a full 90 days of free healthy meals and snacks!

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