AliShopper by John S. Rhodes Review – Make Money Dropshipping from Aliexpress

AliShopper by John S. Rhodes (link to official websiteis aimed at people who want to sell products from Aliexpress using a Shopify store, and advertise those products using Facebook ads. If that sounds like you then keep reading.

I’ve been marketing online since 1999 and currently run several ecommerce websites. I’ve mainly been using SEO, Google Adwords, and Bing ads to drive traffic, but so far I’ve never had any success using Facebook ads. You might say with Facebook ads I’ve been failing miserably.

I thought there must be someone out there who is making sales using Facebook ads and their Shopify site. I did a search (probably like you did) and found AliShopper had just been released on JVZoo, by self-made millionaire John S. Rhodes, the guy who has made millions of dollars as an internet entrepreneur, and the author of several top selling info products.

I decided to buy Alishopper with the upsell of the bonus videos.

Alishopper Videos

Alishopper is a series of 20+ videos which I watched one by one. There are several hours of videos, but I must say the time flew by. John covers everything step-by-step from the creation of your Shopify store, through to adding products, writing descriptions that sell based on product benefits rather than product features, and how to sell them using Facebook ads.

As I say, I’m a seasoned internet marketing expert and people are surprised all the time when I tell them I learned things from trainings. You never stop learning with internet marketing because technology is always developing, and I picked up several golden nuggets during this training.

John is a trainer who has experienced tremendous success himself in this exact same dropshipping ecommerce business, and it is refreshing to learn from someone who doesn’t mind revealing their exact methods of success.

You will learn how to select a niche, how to research the best products to sell that are evergreen and not just seasonal flashes in the pan, and how to drive traffic using Facebook ads that will enable you to build a profitable self-sustaining business for years to come.

Alishopper Upsells

I also upgraded to all the bonus videos which cover retargeting, advertising on Google, the Google Merchant centre, advertising on Bing, and the Bing merchant centre. These are all excellent ways to grow your dropshipping business and scale it up into something large.

Perhaps you want to be able to retire your spouse, or at least drop your working week by a day or two. I’m convinced already that Alishopper will make this possible for you, as long as you take action.

My results so far

OK it’s been 24 hours since I implemented what I learned from the Alishopper videos. I re-wrote the description for one of my top selling products so that it didn’t just tell the visitor about product features, it explained each one as benefits. Then I created a fresh Facebook ad following the directions given in the course.

The key difference was the goal of the ads. Previously I had been using the link clicks model, but I used the “Add to Cart” conversions instead. Everything was already set up correctly on my website, but for some reason I always thought it better to pay for clicks, rather than letting Facebook optimise for adds to cart.

My facebook ad text was done differently too. In the past my ad text was different from the product description, but I followed the instructions in Alishopper and made it the same. This makes sense to me because the visitor will then recognise they are reading the same thing, and there will not be any friction of wondering where they have ended up.

No sales to report just yet, but there have been three recorded adds to cart today which is much more promising. This will enable the Facebook algorithms to start optimising ad delivery to get more adds to cart. I’m using a plugin for shopping cart abandonment recovery, so the more people who add to cart, the more sales I can expect.

Alishopper recommends the usual $5 budget per day for ads, so I will continue to monitor results and update this post.

I’d give Alishopper 5 out of 5 stars. It’s very informative, it’s detailed, nothing is left out. It’s a complete ecommerce dropshipping business plan that anyone can follow. You only need basic technical skill to be able to do this. It can help you to make a little extra, or a lot extra depending on how much time and effort you put in.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

You can download Alishopper here.

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