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Hi I’m James Winsoar!

I love to help people to improve their lives, including being fit and healthy, prosperous, and successful. I believe if I help enough people get what they want, it will help me to get the things I want.

I’ve been self employed with full time internet marketing since 1999, when I started the world’s first mobile phone ringtone company called My Nokia which changed it’s name to Phat Tonez. Since then I’ve been involved in several eCommerce websites including Kicks Master and Microchip Cat Flaps.

I’ve worked as an affiliate marketer for top brands including Laithwaites, Hotel Chocolat, Amazon, Halfords, JD Sports, and more.

I’ve also been hired as a freelance SEO consultant for small to medium sized companies, and have managed profitable pay per click advertising campaigns for a multitude of clients over the years..

My interest has always been in online marketing.

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Recently, I’ve started developing mobile phone apps for Android and iPhone, including customer loyalty card apps for restaurants, a protein shake recipes app, and a couple of workout/exercise guides.

I love health and fitness. I’ve personally got my body fat down from 26% to 11%, and added over 40lbs of muscle in a little over a year on the Body by Vi Project 10 Challenge, which I’m absolutely delighted with!

As a promoter of Body by Vi, I’ve built a team of over 300 promoters (approaching 400 now) in 15 months with ViSalus, and we have thousands upon thousands of customers on the Challenge.

What I bring to my team members is my internet marketing knowledge, including how to use free and paid traffic sources to generate leads, and sell Body by Vi products.

I provide my team with exclusive bonuses, including a highly valuable list of buyer keywords I’ve researched over the past year, free training on how to do attraction marketing through blogging, how to set up a WordPress website, easy search engine optimisation methods, and how to generate leads using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.

I’ve reached the rank of National Director in ViSalus so far, through a combination of both speaking to my warm market on the phone, inviting them to Challenge parties, and recruiting customers and promoters online.

I make all of the bonus material I provide available to promoters in my team to share with their new promoters, so the system is completely duplicatable. Even an internet marketing novice can use our team training to start signing up customers and promoters online.

Outside of work, I love to unwind and keep fit at the gym, I also like going out for meals, travel, and watching TV shows like Bates Motel, Secret Eaters, Hells Kitchen, and Big Brother.

I’d really like to travel the world and visit the amazing places the world has to offer, meet more new people, experience different cultures, help a lot of people, and live life to the max!

How may I help you?

The best ways to connect with me are though email, TwitterLinkedInYouTubeGoogle+FacebookPinterest, and Instagram.

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James Winsoar

James Winsoar

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  1. Not a comment, just to say thanks for the re-tweet. As you’ll have seen, I’m just down the road at the Business School. It would be good to hook up some time
    All the best, dave

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