I’m delighted with my results on the 90 Day Challenge!

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When I started my first 90 Day Challenge I weighed in at 171 pounds, and my goal then was to lose 11lbs of fat and replace it with muscle. I had seen all the before and after pictures online, and I thought if it’s possible for them, it’s possible for me. Why not give it a try?

At the end of my first 90 days, I weighed in at 162 pounds, and increased by muscle percentage by several percent. The difference has visible, and everyone started commenting on how well I was looking, how much energy I had now, and I had to give several bin bags full of clothes to charity that didn’t fit me any more!

Immediately after finishing my first challenge, I started the 2nd 90 day challenge to add 10lbs of muscle and develop a six pack. A tall order I know, but I do like a good challenge!

I’m now 45 days into the challenge (half way point), and on my last weigh in I was down 17lbs overall, with an increased in lean muscle, and to my absolute astonishment – I can now both see and feel my abs developing, which is amazing because I have never had a six pack before!

I’ve tried every product on the market before including doing the Cambridge Diet which was terrible because I was always starving between shakes, and Maximuscle Promax Diet as well which was better but caused my stomach to bloat. Other brands of protein and meal replacements I tried also failed to give me the flat stomach I was after.

Body by Vi shakes have been the only product I’ve found that have decreased my fat, increased my muscle, and flattened my stomach at the same time. Best of all they taste absolutely delicious, and I NEVER feel hungry at all!

If you would like to lose fat, improve your energy levels, get stronger, or build lean muscle I invite you to join me on the Challenge today. See ukteam.bodybyvi.com for a quick overview and contact me using the online form. I’d be happy to tell you more!


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