11 Top Traits of Leadership

Here are the 11 top traits of leadership, according to Diamond Ambassador Tara Wilson, one of the top earners with Vi. She became a 7 figure earner in just 17 months, going from a career selling mortgages with two young kids and no time, to taking massive action promoting the Project 10 Challenge by calling as many people as she could, to now earning over $80,000 a month.

I found her tips really inspiring, so I wanted to share them with you, as they may help you with whichever business you are involved with.

  1. Always be Accountable
    Never make excuses for anything. If you’re late – don’t blame the traffic, just apologise and take personal responsibility.
  2. Be Proactive
    Things are not going to magically happen by themselves. You can’t just join a company and expect to get rich. You have to make it happen, and this will probably involve working harder than you ever have done before!
  3. Laser Focus
    Know exactly what you want in terms of income level, goals, lifestyle – have a clear vision of this, maybe use post it notes around the house to remind you, or a vision board. Avoid all distractions, don’t let anything put you off your focus.
  4. Goal Oriented
    Share your goals with people so they will support you to achieve them. They may not have the same level of belief as you, but a goal isn’t a goal unless you go public.
  5. Think BIG!!
    Dream BIG!! Have a BIG vision for your future. It makes sense that the bigger your goal is, the easier it’s going to be to hit it. So don’t limit yourself, anything is possible.
  6. Not afraid of failure
    FEAR stops most people. Fear of speaking to people, fear of rejection. Overcome your fears and you will be unstoppable.
  7. Take MASSIVE action!!
    Do more activity to achieve better results. If you’re currently calling 2 people a day, increase it to 10 a day, if you’re calling 10 a day, increase it to 25. The more action you take the more results you will achieve and this will drive momentum in your business. People want to be involved with things that are happening fast. Success loves speed.
  8. Be a Leader
    Master your compensation plan, master your products. Be a teacher, show others and educate others. The person at the front of the room invariably makes the most money.
  9. Take Ownership
    You have to own your path to success. Jim Rohn said that it’s not the wind that determines where a ship goes, it is the set of the sails. We all have the same external forces effecting us, but we have the choice of how they effect us. Recessions, lay offs, competition etc. can all be used to our advantage.
  10. Focus on the Positive
    Most people are focused on the negatives. If you catch yourself doing this, ask yourself what are the positives of the situation. What is the the solution to problems you are facing.
  11. Continuous Self Improvement
    Always put a massive emphasis on personal development, reading, learning, growing, read books, watch videos, and soak up the learning.

Rate yourself on all eleven of these leadership traits. Look at the one trait that you score yourself the lowest on, and focus on improving that trait in yourself, let me know in the comments below if you find this useful. I’d love to hear from you!

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