Why I’m switching my snacking to Vi Bites

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This weekend at the annual Vitality event, ViSalus announced their mission to become the world’s leading healthy fast food company, and the launch of a new product line called Vi Bites.

Fiesta NutVi Bites are a healthy “cave man”-like nutritionally dense snack food that you can enjoy any time, any where!

They come in four amazing flavours, with two two sweet varieties – Fruit Frenzy, and Chocolate Monkey – plus two savoury varieties – Glorious Greens, and Fiesta Nut.

The market for healthy snack products is rapidly growing, as consumers become wiser about the foods they are eating.

More and more people now are reading the ingredients labels, and making wiser choices about their snacks and meals.

The Project 10 Challenge helps people to lose fat, or build muscle 10lbs at a time. Vi Bites are the latest addition to the range of products that make achieving your Challenge goal that much easier.

demand graph for healthy snacks
This graph shows how more people are searching for healthy snacks

Vi Bites are great for people who lead busy lives, and let’s face it – none of us are getting less busy. Now rather than snacking on junk between meals, I’m going to just grab a handy bag of Vi Bites and know that I’m getting the best nutrition possible.

For full information on ingredients, and nutrition click here.

vi bites chocolate monkeyVi Bites are currently available in limited launch quantities.

You can get all four flavours for just £48 plus postage.

Know you are getting all the nutrition you need, and nothing you don’t.

Accept the Challenge today – and add Vi Bites to your delivery.


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