What makes NEON energy drink glow?

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energy drink that glows

NEON energy drink will fluoresce (glow) under ultraviolet light (sometimes known as black light), due to it containing a natural ingredient called quinine.

Quinine is so sensitive to UV that it will glow even in direct sunlight.

It is believed that the structure of the quinine molecule enables it to take in energy in the form of invisible ultraviolet light and radiate some of that same energy in the form of visible light.

The result is an attractive glow that looks fantastic under UV light.

Where does Quinine come from?

cinchona treeQuinine is a natural extract of the cinchona tree bark which in large enough doses has medicinal qualities, and was for a long time used as a cure for malaria.

Quinine is also a key ingredient in Indian tonic water, which also glows under UV light.

The amount of quinine in NEON energy drink is not large enough to give any medicinal benefits,  it simply gives the drink an attractive natural glow, and a pleasant flavour.

For this reason NEON is a fantastic energy drink to use as a mixer in alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks in bars and nightclubs where there are black lights.

Also, NEON does not contain taurine so it is possibly safer to mix with alcohol than other energy drinks.

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