What Are Top Leaders In Network Marketing Not Telling You?

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Have you noticed how in nearly all network marketing companies, any form of internet marketing is strongly discouraged?

It is very strange isn’t it. Why would top leaders not want you using every technique available?

Top leaders all encourage traditional methods such as parties, hotel meetings, three-way calls, and basically asking every person you bump into to sign up to your deal!

I’m not saying those methods don’t work, they do to some extent, especially when you are new in the business.

But why is it that the top earners are investing heavily in internet marketing?

New recruits are told to “follow the system”, and not deviate, because any other method is “not replicatable”. ┬áIs that even a word?!

Instead they are told to follow the system, follow the system, and follow the system!

There is more than one way to shine a penny of course.

When I first started out in network marketing, I stumbled across a course about using the internet to build massive downlines. The writer of the course who had reached the top of his company openly admitted to targeting other network marketers.

I’ve used those methods to grow my business, and although I don’t fully understand why many network marketing leaders discourage internet marketing methods so adamantly, it is entirely possible to build your business online using attraction marketing.

Exactly how to do it is covered in depth in the Attraction Marketing Formula course and free bootcamp.

The internet is increasingly where people choose to socialise and spend their time, so why not leverage the most powerful networking tool we have at our disposal?


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