ViSalus Compensation Plan 2014 Review

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Here is my personal review of the ViSalus compensation plan.

Obesity related illnesses are skyrocketing, and ViSalus offer a healthy and convenient solution to that problem, rewarding promoters in eight different ways through the ViSalus Compensation Plan.

You can make a little income, or a lot of income, depending on how many people you help to start their Project 10 Challenge.

The Vi comp plan offers the possibility of infinite leverage. You can build an organisation of any size, and leverage all of their efforts.

You can also earn a residual income with Vi, paying you over and over again for your initial effort.

90% of the population don’t earn a residual income, but because people get such great results with Vi products, by finding one customer you can get paid every month because customers will want to order more product.

Short term immediate income is paid weekly, and long term residual income is paid monthly.

As you focus on getting paid every week, you will also be building a long term residual income.

Become a ViSalus Promoter

To receive income from ViSalus you must upgrade to being a promoter. Customers are not eligible to receive commission and bonus payments.

You have the following options (prices in US Dollars):

  • Basic Promoter – $49
  • Executive Promoter System – $499 (includes $500+ in products)
    Qualifies you for the BMW bonus when you reach Regional Director.
  • Star Promoter System – $999
    Everything above plus 50 sample packs, and 25 starter packs.

You can upgrade from one option to another at any time.

The ViSalus Ranks Explained

To start earning income you will want to become an “Active Associate” by generating at least $125 in personal autoship, or a total of $200 including retail sales.

Once you are active the goal is to refer customers and promoters to the Challenge.

Vi pay weekly and monthly. All the volume that comes in before Thursday midnight is paid out on Monday for new customers and new promoters coming into your organisation.

All the volume from customers who re-order throughout the monthly is paid out in a monthly commission on the 15th of the month for all the prior month’s production.

You can get paid direct to your bank, or loaded in real-time onto your Vi Prosperity Card which is a pre-paid MasterCard that can be ordered via your back office.

Promote Yourself To Director

The next step in the career path is Director. You will need to be active, and have three promoter “legs” who are qualified by having at least $125 in sales.  The group sales must be at least $2000 in sales during that calendar month.

At the rank of Director you will be earning between $500 and $1000. If you acheive Director during your first 30 days, you will be called a Rising Star Director which unlocks additional bonuses in the comp plan.

As a Rising Star Director you will have access to the Weekly Enrollers Pool. You will then earn a bonus every time you help new promoters reach the rank of Rising Star Director.

Onwards to Regional Director

By helping your team to reach the rank of Rising Star Director, referring more customers and promoters, your group sales will grow to over $12,500.

As long as you qualify for the 60% rank criteria meaning that no more than 60% of the $12,500 can be made up of any one of your team lines or “legs”, you will qualify as Regional Director.

For example, lets say you have built three teams with your promoters Joe, Sally, and Keith. Joe has team sales of $4,000, Sally as sales of $3,500 and Keith has sales of $8,000.  Only $7,500 of Keith’s sales can count, but adding Sally’s and Joe’s the total is $15,000 so you still would qualify for Regional Director.

It is important to ensure that you help all of your promoters teams to grow, and it is recommended that you build three teams as this has been shown to be the most stable.

At Regional Director you will be earning $1,000 to $3,000 a month and quality for the BMW car bonus program which pays $600 a month towards the BMW of your choice.

I achieved the rank of Regional Director in my first 38 days! 🙂

The Next Rank is National Director

Grow your group volume to $40,000 or above, and as long as not more than 60% of the $40k is in one leg of your organisation, you qualify as National Director and a paid trip to the HQ.

Right now there is also a $5000 bonus for reaching the rank of National Director until the end of 2014.

You’ll be earning between $3,000 and $6,000 a month at National Director.

It took me around four months to reach the rank of National Director.

Next Position – Presidential Director

Again you need to be Active, with 3 qualified legs, and $80,000+ group sales, with 60% rank criteria.

You’ll be earning $6,000 to $12,000 a month extra.

At this point you can decide if you want to promote the Challenge full time, choose your own hours, and get your life back.

Onwards to Ambassador

When your group sales grow to $150,000+ with 60% rank criteria you’ll reach the rank of Ambassador.

You’ll be making an extra $12,000+ a month.

Qualify as Ambassador before October 31st 2014 and you’ll get an expenses paid trip to Costa Rica in December!

  • Beyond Ambassador you can become a 1* Ambassador by helping someone in your team to reach Ambassador.
  • To get to 2* Ambassador you need to help someone in another leg become Ambassador.
  • To reach 3* Ambassador you need to help someone in your third leg become Ambassador.
  • To get to 4* Ambassador you need to build a fourth leg and help someone in that leg become Ambassador.
  • To get to 5* Ambassador you need to personally sponsor someone new and help them get to Ambassador.

There are also the ranks of Crown Ambassador and Global Ambassador when you help people to achieve the ranks of 5* Ambassador and Crown Ambassador.

Duplication is key to moving through the career path

Become a Director in your first 30 days to become a Rising Star, then help your new promoters to do the same. Repeat that over and over again to progress through the ranks.

  • Help at least six people on average become Rising Star, and you’ll reach the rank of Regional Director and qualify for the BMW bonus.
  • Help at least three people on average get a BMW you will find yourself at National Director.
  • Help at least six people on average get a BMW you will find yourself at Presidential Director.
  • Help at least twelve people on average get a BMW you will find yourself at Ambassador making a six figure income from home.

Earning Personal Customer Commissions

The great thing about Vi is that by helping people to transform their health, you can also transform your financial situation.

Simply challenge everyone you care about to transform their health by taking the Project 10 Challenge with you. As an Active Associate you will earn direct sales retail profits by buying at wholesale, and selling at suggested retail prices.

You can also earn commissions by referring customers to the company through your promoter website. These commissions are paid for customers who make one-time orders, and who sign up to the auto-ship programme.

  • For sales of $201 to $500 you will earn 10% commission.
  • On $501 to $1000 you will earn 15% commission.
  • On $1001 to $2,500 sales you will earn 20% commission.
  • For sales of $2,501+ you make 25% commission.

The more people you challenge, the more commission you earn.

You get paid weekly based on the current month to date sales, and any remainder is paid at the end of the month based on the scale that you reached at the month end.

3 for Free

When your personal sales are three times the cost of your own Kit on auto-ship you will get the next month’s kit for free (only paying postage). The free kits are not included in bonus payments.

When you help customers get their kit for free, you are paid commission on the customers that they refer, and the volume counts towards your rank.

Your customers customers can also get their product for free by referring three others, and those customers also count as your personal customers.

Rising Star Directors qualify for the 3 for Free bonus pool which pays a bonus every time you help customers (or promoters in your team) to get their 3 for Free.

Earning First Order Bonuses

This bonus is paid on the first time orders of new promoters when they order any additional products with their Promoter System. You will receive 20% of the extra items purchased.

Your sponsor will also receive a 10% bonus, and their upline receives 5%, and the upline above receives 5%.

First Order Bonuses are paid out weekly, and follows the Enroller Tree in the back office, rather than the Sponsor Tree.

Fast Start Bonuses

The majority of your weekly pay cheque will consist of Fast Start Bonuses which are paid when new promoters enrol with Executive Promoter Systems.

  • Active Associates earn $50 from Executive Promoter System sales.
  • Directors earn $100.
  • Regional Directors earn $130.
  • National Directors earn $155.
  • Presidential Directors earn $170.
  • Ambassadors earn $180.

ViSalus pay out $225 in total for every Executive Promoter System sale, the remainder is distributed to the upline depending on rank.

Fast Start Bonuses follow the Enroller Tree.

Earning Residual Team Commissions

Long term you will build up a residual commission through team commissions on all of the product volume within your team.

You earn 5% on each of your different referral levels.

  • Active Associates are paid 2 levels deep.
  • Directors are paid 4 levels.
  • Regional Directors are paid 6 levels.
  • National Directors are paid 7 levels.
  • Presidential Directors and above are paid 8 levels.

The only people counted as pay levels are active associates, so the pay levels are dynamically compressed.

The number one fastest growing team in ViSalus

Our team is headed up by ViSalus Global Ambassador Jason O’toole. The upline also includes 5 Star Ambasadors Lorne Hummeny, Tanis McDonald, RJ & Sam Barros, and Ambassadors Sam Rathling, and Ben Joly.

It’s my aim as ViSalus National Director, to help all new promoters joining our team first get their product for free by getting their first three customers, then reach the rank of Rising Star Director.

I will share with you lots of innovative ways to attract people as customers and as promoters to your business, and help you to avoid many of the common pitfalls.

Improve your own health, get fit, and have fun challenging others and build a team in the most exciting and fun home based business on the planet.

Enter your name and email to receive further information.

Any questions? Call James Winsoar on +44 (0)7967 646039.


Independent Visalus Promoter ID 2945784.

Here’s to your success as a ViSalus Promoter!


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