ViSalus 3 for Free Program

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Imagine getting all your protein and supplements for free every month to support your fat loss or muscle building goals. Introducing the ViSalus 3 for Free program!

Thanks to a the innovative young founders at Vi, free protein every month is now a reality for myself and hundreds of thousands of other “ViSalians” who recommend the Project 10 Challenge to our friends and colleagues.

3 For Free is probably the most innovative viral marketing idea of all time. Invented by ViSalus, and now copied by hundreds of other companies.

Here’s how for ViSalus 3 for Free program works:

  • Set yourself a goal of losing fat, or building muscle
  • Select the best kit to match your goal at – you can email me at for help selecting the best kit.
  • Challenge three of your friends to do it with you. As long as they are on the same kit as you, or higher – your next month’s kit is free, and every month after as long as you have three!
  • Enter to win – you get a free t-shirt, 30 meals are donated to help needy kids, and you can win $1000/£600/750 Euros when you reach your first 10lb target!

Challenging others to do it with you is easier than you might think. Since mostly everyone has a goal of losing fat, or building muscle there are no end of people to Challenge.

Obesity rates are rising worldwide. By accepting the Challenge yourself, then Challenging others, you will be helping to reduce the worldwide obesity problem.

Challenging people is simple.

Just post a status update video on Facebook to say that James just Challenged you to Project 10. You’ve decided to (fill in your goal here – eg. drop 10lbs of fat, build 10lbs of muscle, drop a dress size, fit into your size 32″ jeans again, etc), and then Challenge your friends to do it with you.

You can also Challenge people by text message, phone, or face to face. Once your kit arrives you can make friends the shake to try, once they taste it, they will be amazed how a shake that tastes this good can be so effective.

Ask them to check out the 50 second video on your website (or use mine at in the meantime, and scroll down that page to see more recent results.

If they have any questions, let’s arrange a mutually convenient time for a quick phone conversation, or we can use Facebook chat, Skype, or Whatsapp messenger.

Get in touch for more details. I look forward to helping you get your 3 for Free with ViSalus, and helping you to get into the best shape of your life!


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