Drive a Luxury or Exotic Car for free with the Vi Drive Luxury Car Club

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Vi Drive is the exciting new car program launched by ViSalus in April 2016, allowing qualifying ViSalus promoters the opportunity to drive a luxury or exotic car.

Our “Best Marketing Weapon” is now even better!

What better way is there to show your friends and neighbours that you are successful than putting a luxury or exotic car in your driveway? Now you can advertise your ViSalus business with a tastefully-branded Vi Drive car that generates interest 24/7!

Already more than 20,000 people have qualified for the luxury car club and got their BMW, and now due to popular demand, the program is extended up to other luxury and exotic car brands too, including:

Makes and models of luxury cars

The model of car you choose can be any monthly cost, however you will receive US $600 a month or the equivalent in your local currency* if you are a Regional Director, or $1,500 a month if you are a 3 Star Ambassador, and have an exotic car valued at $100,000, or higher.

Make money from your car!

Neil Turner with his new BMW
Neil Turner picks up his new BMW paid for by ViSalus

Post photos of your luxury paid-for car on social media, drive round to all your friends houses in it, and see how many of them soon decide they also want a luxury car parked on their driveway!

Vi Drive is a fantastic way of promoting the Project 10 Challenge, and helps Vi Promoters to be more upwardly mobile. Nothing says “I’ve made it!” quite like a luxury car.

Traditionally, other companies put their car bonuses right at the end of their compensation plans, but ViSalus founders Blake Mallen, Nick Sarnicola, and Ryan Blair cleverly put the car bonus close to the start – which is why more than 20,000 promoters have already qualified.

Be the next person to qualify – here’s how to do it!

Please call me on +447967646039 (tap to call or text from mobile) if you have any questions, or you would like to get started.

* See for full qualification criteria and program requirements.


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