Vi Crunch Cereal Review

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Click play on video above to watch my Vi Crunch cereal review.

Vi Crunch super protein cereal has just launched in the UK and Europe (previously only available in North America). Part of the Body by Vi range of meal replacement products, Vi Crunch is intended as a healthy replacement for a traditional breakfast.

The protein cereal is delivered in a resealable pouch and comes in one base flavour – sweet cream with almond, and then you can add either Tri-Berry Puffs, or Chocolate Macadamia Granola topping.

Each bowl contains the same amount of protein as eating two eggs. It has a crunchy texture, a moderately sweet taste, and is very satisfying. It kept me feeling full for over three hours!

Vi Crunch is the first cereal to be protein based rather than carbohydrates, and does not contain a lot of sugar unlike most cereals on the market in the UK.

The cost of a bowl of Vi Crunch is very favourable at less than £1.50 per meal when you buy it as part of the Fuel Kit, compared to having a full English breakfast for example – and with the 3 for Free deal from Vi you can have yours delivered free each month simply by referring three of your friends to do the Challenge with you!

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