ANSWERED: How many people do I need to enroll on Vi to get BMW?

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OK, so you’re probably thinking of promoting the Challenge, you might have watched the overview video, and you want to know exactly how do you get a free BMW from Body by Vi?

Firstly, Body by Vi do not supply you with a free BMW. They pay you a monthly car bonus, if you qualify for Regional Director rank, and you can show that you are the owner or keeper of a black or silver BMW (to match the Vi branding), that is in good condition and under six years old.

Click here for the official rules and regulations.

What’s the catch to the free Vi BMW?

The catch is that you need to generate enough sales in your team to qualify for the bonus, and you need to maintain or grow those sales to continue receiving the bonus.

You cannot just qualify for the car, then sit back and do nothing, because your team will sit back and do nothing, and your team sales will plummet. You need to keep growing the business, way beyond Regional Director.

The way that you grow your business is by helping as many of your team as possible to qualify for Regional Director, and then help promoters in their team, and so on.

Also be a good role model by continuously signing up new customers, getting great results on the Challenge yourself, and enrolling new promoters.

The exact value of the BMW bonus varies from country to country. In the United States it is $600 a bonus, in the United Kingdom it is £375 a month. In Ireland and Europe it is €500 a month. That figure more than covers a good selection of new and used beemas.

How much in sales you need to get to qualify

The easiest way to explain the ViSalus BMW bonus criteria is by sales volume. You need USD $12,500 of sales in your entire organisation to reach the rank of Regional Director, however the 60% rank criteria means that no more than $7,500 of that total can be in any one line of your team.

It is recommended in ViSalus that you build three teams. You put everyone you enrol into a waiting room, then you have 60 days to place them. Speak to your upline Ambassador for the best approach, but generally you will put your three best people front line to you, then put other people underneath them.

Each one of those front line people then become your three teams. Now it’s your job to try to help each team equally. You can also run contests with your teams, again speak to your upline Ambassador regarding this. I can put you in touch with our 5 Star Ambassador RJ Barros who is an expert on running contests.

So you need to have $7,500 sales or more in one line, and at least $5,000 in your other lines to reach Regional Director. You must also have upgraded to Executive or Star Promoter kit to qualify for the BMW car bonus.

If you have three teams and each of them are doing more than $4167 in sales that will also qualify you for Regional Director and the ViSalus BMW bonus.

If you have one team doing $15,000 and another doing $500 a month, you would not be qualified because only $7,500 can count from the strongest team. You would need to add another $4,500 in sales to the weaker team.

What’s the minimum number of people you could enrol to qualify?

In theory the minimum number of people you would need to enrol as a Vi promoter is two, but in practice looking at my team, the people who qualified as Regional Director have all sponsored six or more promoters.

If you’re thinking about the ViSalus BMW bonus, you’re obviously someone who is seriously considering promoting the Challenge.

Give me a call on +44 (0)7967 646039 or email and let’s arrange a suitable time where I can answer any questions you may have.


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