Using Facebook “Check Ins” For Marketing

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Facebook Check-Ins are a great way to market bricks-and-mortar businesses and help to link the online world to the offline or real world.

There are now more than 600 million users on Facebook, so if you aren’t using Facebook to market your business yet then you should be!

Here’s how Check-Ins on Facebook works:

Customer visits an establishment and using their smartphone and the Facebook mobile app, they select “Check In“. The app then uses GPS to find their location and look up nearby businesses. The customer selects the business they are at, and a “Check In” status update appears on their Facebook timeline.

Here’s why Check-Ins on Facebook are good for marketing:

All their Facebook friends instantly know there location. Bad for security for great for marketing!

Check-ins act as social proof, which as we know is an essential element of any effective marketing campaign.

How to use Check-Ins on Facebook to market your business:

So if you run a physical business why not encourage your customers to “check in” on Facebook? You can do this by putting up posters saying “Check in on Facebook for the chance to win a weekly prize!“. Simply look through who has checked in that week and select a person at random.

Check-in based advertising is free, whilst Facebook Ads are not, and check-ins as I say link the offline world with the online world, so they are very powerful. All you need to do is create a Facebook Business Page that includes the physical location of your premises, and the Check-In option will then be available.

If you need any help with creating a Facebook Fanpage, or help designing an effective Facebook Check-In marketing campaign, please call James on +44 (0)1332 898879 or visit JW Enterprises. We have 12+ years experience with digital marketing and can advise clients on social media marketing strategies including getting more Likes to a Facebook Fanpage, and using Check-Ins to market real-world businesses.

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