Updated NEON Energy Drink UK Prices

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NEON Energy Drink is the healthy energy drink made with natural ingredients – including quinine and vitamin B which make it glow under UV light.

If you order from http://ukteam.bodybyvi.com/ by clicking Buy Now, you can get the following discounted pricing:

  • 1 Case/24 cans
    £52.98 total = £2.21 per can.
  • 2 Cases/48 Cans
    £88.97 total = £1.86 per can.
  • 4 Cases/96 Cans
    £169.94 total = £1.78 per can.
  • 10 Cases/240 Cans
    £353.94 total = £1.48 per can.

Other ways to get the cost per can lower:

  • Refer three or more customers in one month, and you will earn Vi points which you can exchange for free product the following month. See http://3forfree.vi.com/ for full details.
  • Become a promoter, and you will earn up to 15% commission on your own purchases, and on any customers purchases that you refer. See http://overview.vi.com/ video two to learn more.
  • If ordering larger quantities than 10 cases, you can split the order into more than one account, and create your own Vi points – please contact us for more details on this strategy.

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