Thoughts expand things

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Have you ever noticed that what you think about all day long becomes reality over time? It isn’t a coincidence that thinking and feeling bad thoughts attracts more bad things.

This is called the power of manifestation. The good news is that when you put all your focus and attention on things you do want, you can attract good things into your life too. The choice is yours.

Would you prefer to focus on how to get rid of your debts, or how you can make more money? The latter choice is preferable, because the focus is positive. The outcome of focusing on debts is more debts, so it is vital to make sure that your thoughts are carefully planned.

This works because when you shift the focus of your thoughts, in time your feelings and emotions change, which thus alter your unconscious behaviours and the choices you make in life.

A good way to remind you to think positively is to put a pin board in a prominent place, such as the wall of your office, where you can pin images of things that you want to attract into your life. Or you can put cards with written affirmations on your desk, your bathroom mirror, and your car dashboard as a constant reminder.

Check your thoughts and make sure they are always in alignment with your goals.


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