B2B Text Message Marketing

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Did you know, according to the New York Times, 97% of text message marketing messages are opened? Over 80% of them within one hour of the message being sent.

Four about four years now I’ve been marketing the Email Marketing Robot software that I created for the purpose of inviting visitors to my business networking group and generating referrals for my fellow members. It’s been hugely popular with sales coming in from all over the world.

The latest development is the addition of text messaging, so the robot can now send SMS messages as well as emails. This will enable the software to reach more recipients, and increase open rates, which in turn will lead to more responses, and more sales.

The Robot targets businesses by category and location. It does not need a list of emails, just the business categories, and the list of geographic areas. It then goes out on the net searching for contact details for businesses matching those search criteria, and sends emails and text messages to them on the fly.

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I’m currently looking for affiliates to promote the software. Please get in touch if interested. The commission is 33%, ie. £99 per sale.


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